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The music business, how eminem got into the music business from his hard times living at home with his mother who was suffering from
Munchausen Syndrome which means she was making Marshall (Eminem) take medicines he didnt need. First i will talk about eminems life when he was a kid and his relationship with his mother and uncle Ronnie.
Eminems father left him when he was only 6 months old and his mother was sick and sort of retarded. Eminem was often left with his relative and he became realy close with his uncle Ronnie who was about the same age as he was, they became best friends.
At the age of 13 eminem started writing his own lyrics and recording his own raps. That is when he chose his nickname M&M and than later changed it to Eminem. He began hustling money at school by rap battling.
This was great for him because he started rapping seriously and wrote his lyrics and he got to know how other people think and how other people write their lyrics and he learnd about all those peoples points of view and where they come from.He than attends lincoln high school from 1986 to 1989 where he met his highschool sweetheart and soon to be his future wife Kim Scott.
That is when he formed his first rap group Bassiment productions. He droped out of school at age 17 after failing 9th grade 3 times.
He than starts performing at open mic nights for a local radio station.
This was great for his career because it was the first time he acctualy could get noticed by producers and other people that can help him out with his career. This was another way for him to get his name to the public.
If eminem he just sat at home and dreamd about being a big rapper it wasnt going to happen, but he worked for it he went out there he put his name out.
It was like he was his own personal manager and he hyped himself to everyone and he put his name out so people can know who he is.
He was told that he was pretty good for a white guy. This is when eminem decides that he wants to make rapping his career. In the summer of 92 Ronnie visits eminem in detroit and eminem tells Ronnie all about his dreams and how he wants to become a big rapper. Ronnie tells eminem that he wont make it and to just give up but eminem was determind to make it. E...

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...lot of people that want to be rappers but they dont try to get there name out to the public they just sit at home write songs record them on there computer and send them to there friends like thats going to change anything. Instead of trying to get studio time or going to clubs and other places and asking if they can perform and do gigs. Thats the way eminem did it, he went to underground clubs, rap contests, radio stations trying to get people to notice him and hoping that somone important notices him and it happend.
Eminem was and is a determind to be the best he can be. His not like those commercial rappers that only rap about cars diamonds and girls but he raps about his life and things his been through. I think the reason alot of people like eminem is because he raps about things everyone can relate to, not everyone can relate to having alot of cars and being rich after awhile of listening to songs like that you get tired of it. But eminems lyrics are deep and i think alot of kids out there can relate to eminems lyrics. That is how eminem got into the business and made is way all the way up to the top.
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