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Who is Eminem? People might say that he is the greatest rapper of all time. Some people think that he is inappropriate because he cusses in his music. Now in all of his songs they have a story to it. For most of his songs he talks about his life and how hard it is. In one of Eminem songs he tells a story about his family life and the song is called Mockingbird. A man who becomes a rapper and leaves his family behind but while he’s rapping all he could think about is his family. So how can someone love their family but leaves them so that they could rap. At this point the Mockingbird is about his family structure that created psychological issues. As people may know about this rapper Eminem he talks about how there will be hard time in someone 's life but he talks about how he kept on pushing when he was having hard times himself. So this song Mockingbird motivates people to keep on moving because soon or later everything will turn out alright. Just because a problem comes up and a person might have to make the right decision even if hurt to do, it would be for the best. In his song he talks about how he is supporting the family but it is not enough to give his little girl a life that she deserve. When he tries to give his daughter the life that he wanted, he…show more content…
In the song Mockingbird he sing to his daughter like she is still his little girl no matter what happen. Eminem tells the people that listens to his music that one christmas night he cried because he could not afford any presents for his daughter. Instead of him getting his daughter any presents, his girlfriend put some under the tree and said that it was from

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