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The Rise of Eminem
Marshall Mathers is one of the top rap artists and most recognized artist around the world. His albums now sell over a million copies for every album he puts out. In this paper I’ll explain how he rose to the top of the rap world, and the struggles and the hard work he put into rapping.
Eminem growing up in Detroit always moving everywhere he use to get beat up and made fun of for being white in a black community. (Simon& Schuster& Evan) When he was in 7th grade in school he got into a fight with a kid and got hit in the head and put into coma for 10 days. Eminem later wrote a song about the incident and the kid that hit him tried to file a law suit against Eminem for the song. The song is called bully. It’s a good song about how he would get picked on and harassed. Another incident that happened involving one of his songs is when he released the song my mom. It was a rap about his mom and her using drugs and Eminem talking about killing her. He was also blaming her for the way he is and for also having a crappy child hood. There were multiple incidents where Eminem’s mom has brought him to court of stupidest reasons trying to get a hold of his money. In all of the times she brought him to court she never won. (Salonee shah)
In the movie Marshall Bruce Mathers they interviewed people that knew Eminem on a personal level. In the movie one of Eminem’s friends said that at some point when he was dating Kim his now ex girlfriend. He said that they stayed at his house because of the argument Eminem and his mom had. He said that while they were staying there every night he could hear yelling and other noises. In the interview he said he walked a little down the stares and saw Kim pushing him and slapping him....

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...and not afraid by Eminem. When he was slim shady it seemed like he was scared of a lot of things like not being able to succeed or get through life without drugs.
Eminem changed the rap industry by becoming one of the top rap artists in the world. He surprised everyone by the way his popularity shot up like it did. He proved that rap isn’t just a black hobby. Even though Eminem tried to kill himself got hooked on drugs and had a crappy family life he is still a huge success. Even though he’s made a bunch of mistakes I think people still could look up to him. He is one of those people who strive to be the best and wont stop till he is. He started from just being a white boy in the ghetto of Detroit to being able to go anywhere he wants and being to most states around the country for concerts. He truly is a successful rap artist and made something out of nothing.

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