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In “like Eminem says, why all the fuss?” featured in The Age journalist Shaun Carney defends Eminem and his lyrics. Carny stresses that Eminem winning the category should not be so controversial when Mathers is clearly depicting a role. His contention through out the article is to convince the reader to refrain from reaching to eminem, as a parody. Carny effectively seeks the neutral role during the story. He leans neither way. Carny signifies specific word choice and language devices to shock his audience and to create an underlying sense of non-prejudice, realistic view on society perhaps to open up the views of a small-minded prejudice race.

Carny’s headline is very striking it creates tension and almost gives a sense of obligation to the audience to read on. Carneys headline is used as a device to capture the readers immediate attention. This foreshadows the final remark made by Carny, “so much for scandal,” now leaving the reader with a question , a parallel between start and finish tightly constructing the article. This clever technique leaves the reader open handed and open-minded to think about the actual topic of the article. Though Carny’s contention through-out the article is to suggest Eminem is “Just Joking’, he is not all, scared of presenting Marshall as ‘not so nice’ explaining him as “a 28 year old production of a peripatetic white-trash upbrining.” Then contradicting himself saying “Mathers all wounded and victimised by his sole-parent upbrining .” Is this not a slight use of sarcasm? putting himself in the biased head of an out reaged parent. Carney conveys his opinion in a very structured way. He uses Eminem song lyrics to show that he is a role player and only joking, “I’m just playin ladies. You know I love you.” Carney uses other examples to reassure people say the situations he raps about are “just clownin’.” Although readers may not realise, Carney these more realistic, human-like comments as a source of evidence to back up his contention that eminem are not real, Marshall Mathers is an actor playing a role, ultimately just doing his job.
Carney’s clever style of writing indicates a strong point of view defending Eminem , but his style of writing has allowed the reader to make their own decision, giving a fair balance between good and bad. “Eminem deals in some very sick stuff, no doubt about it,” but again goes on to say, “Eminem is a skillfull storyteller and role player.
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