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    Bruce Mathers III. Alias Eminem, Marshal Mathers is special because he is arguably the most successful white artist in the hip-hop world. As an a-list celebrity, Eminem is highly admired and considered to be a big time star in Hollywood. His music involves a style of rap that many people relate to and love. However, there are also critics ready to analyze the message that Eminem is offering within his rap lyrics and crude tone. When performing for his fans, Eminem transforms into a passionate

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    Eminem In “like Eminem says, why all the fuss?” featured in The Age journalist Shaun Carney defends Eminem and his lyrics. Carny stresses that Eminem winning the category should not be so controversial when Mathers is clearly depicting a role. His contention through out the article is to convince the reader to refrain from reaching to eminem, as a parody. Carny effectively seeks the neutral role during the story. He leans neither way. Carny signifies specific word choice and language devices to

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    together, through the storm, whatever weather cold or warm just letting you know that you’re not alone follow if you feel like you been down the same road” (Eminem) These lyrics from Eminem shows his life perfectly. Eminem is a great rapper who overcame trails in his childhood, broke the race barrier of rap music, and helps people get through life. Eminem had a very bad childhood moving place to place, at school he would get beat by a bully. “The tormented nine year old Marshall Mathers began on Oct. 15

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    III was born on October 17, 1974 in Kansas City, Missouri. He created his own nickname, Eminem, which is pronounced M&M, from his initials, M.M. Marshall had a harsh and cruel childhood, where he constantly moved between Kansas City and Metro Detroit. When he was a child, he lived with his mother. His mother’s name is Debbie Mathers-Briggs. Eminem has never even seen a picture of his father in his life. Eminem and his mother continued moving and never stayed in one place longer than six months.

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    Admiring Eminem Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, has had many achievements in his life, but life wasn't always good. Growing up in a poor trailer park in Warren Mich. He failed out of ninth grade, which led to him dropping out of high school. He tried to go back but couldn't do it, he just wanted to rap and to be a star one day. Over the years he freestyle in some local clubs and participated in some competitions. It wasn't until 1997 that he was recognized, he won the Wake Up Show

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    Mathers like? If people look past the surface, they will find a nice person. It’s only when he’s backed into a corner that he retaliates. He’s one of the most controversial singers out there today. You don’t have to like him but you can’t ignore him. Eminem, (Em), a.k.a., Slim Shady, a.k.a. Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in Kansas City, Missouri but he and his mother shuttled back and forth between Missouri and Michigan, rarely staying in one house more then a year or two. Marshall has never met

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    Who is Eminem? People might say that he is the greatest rapper of all time. Some people think that he is inappropriate because he cusses in his music. Now in all of his songs they have a story to it. For most of his songs he talks about his life and how hard it is. In one of Eminem songs he tells a story about his family life and the song is called Mockingbird. A man who becomes a rapper and leaves his family behind but while he’s rapping all he could think about is his family. So how can someone

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    The Rise of Eminem Marshall Mathers is one of the top rap artists and most recognized artist around the world. His albums now sell over a million copies for every album he puts out. In this paper I’ll explain how he rose to the top of the rap world, and the struggles and the hard work he put into rapping. Eminem growing up in Detroit always moving everywhere he use to get beat up and made fun of for being white in a black community. (Simon& Schuster& Evan) When he was in 7th grade in school he got

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    EMINEM The music business, how eminem got into the music business from his hard times living at home with his mother who was suffering from Munchausen Syndrome which means she was making Marshall (Eminem) take medicines he didnt need. First i will talk about eminems life when he was a kid and his relationship with his mother and uncle Ronnie. Eminems father left him when he was only 6 months old and his mother was sick and sort of retarded. Eminem was often left with his relative and he became realy

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    Spin, The Source, URB and Stress and go on a national tour months before their major label debut album is released. Then again Eminem isn’t the average rapper. Marshall Bruce Mathers a.k.a. Eminem. Born October 17, 1972, grew up in Kansas City. From there he began his career as an individual white rapper. Not many white people are able to succeed in the rap industry, but Eminem has proved everyone wrong. He is now one of the most talked about persons on the earth. His lyrics offend some people, this