Cross-Cultural Communication

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  • Cross-Cultural Communication

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    Cross-Cultural Communication Introduction      In business, successful communication is the key to success, and being able to relate to a customer is the best form of communication. This is why cross-cultural communication is so important as the business world continues to globalize itself. Unfortunately, “A lack of awareness about the culturally prescribed rules and norms of communication behaviors can cause public relations projects to fail, or worse, backfire.” (Zaharna, 2001, p.135)

  • Cross Cultural Communication

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    Definition Cross-cultural commination important in today’s society because it’s what builds the company, technology and globally. Cross-cultural communication is the comparison of two or more cultural communities (Dainton & Zelley, 2015, p. 97). It’s an understanding how other people communicate around them from another country. It knowing the difference between business customs, beliefs, language difference, and nonverbal differences. By not understanding differences, communication can be difficult

  • Cross-Cultural Communication

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    field of International Management. The topic for this paper is Cross-cultural Communication in Marketing/advertising. Communication is such an important part of everyone’s daily life, not only in one’s personal life but also in organizations. Also now a day, we are becoming every year more and more global and working with different countries and cultures around the world. Henceforward, globalization is increasing, which makes communication a very important part of doing business internationally. Every

  • Communication And Cross Cultural Communication

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    Cross-Cultural Communication Global leadership is more effective when organizations have a clear understanding of cultural differences. The differences in the culture create a different work environment and that is true all over the world. Moreover, the study of cultural differences helps organizations to better understand and prepared to take on the challenges of a diverse workforce, foreign and domestic (Hofstede, G., Hofstede, G.J., & Minkov, 2010). Every culture and every country will most

  • Cross Cultural Communication

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    life including traditions, religion, language, behaviors, arts and everything that creates identity to a country. In such a globalized world, where in most organizations we have people from all over the world, it is very important to know about cross-cultural management in order to understand people’s behavior and needs in order to avoid problems and have a pleasant and successful workplace. My name is Mariana Martins and I am from Brazil. Below I will talk about two different countries besides Brazil

  • Cross-Cultural Communication And Intercultural Communication

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    When one looks at cross-cultural communication in the organization one has to look at many deciding factors. Cross-cultural communication is also known as “Intercultural Communication” (Afghari, A., & Pourakbari, A. A. 2015 p. 37). When one looks at any organization one would see where cross-cultural communication plays a part. Cross-cultural communication in an organizations are growing. It is a part of our world whether we like it or not. They have different ethical beliefs. Whether we

  • Cross Cultural Communication Essay

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    Cross Cultural Communication Cross culture communication basically describes one’s ability to successfully create, stimulate, develop relationships with member of a culture which is different from our own culture. The internet technology today has really helped to promote business to different cultures of the world. Cross culture communication is like a two way street if one side doesn’t know take responsibility of communication effectively and clearly then miscommunication is inevitable. Regardless

  • Importance Of Cross-Cultural Communication

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    interesting to read about the cross-cultural communication and its impact on the healthcare outcomes and well-being for the clients. The author provided a good synopsis of the critical elements to improve cross-cultural communication. As Leavitt 2010 highlighted that it is our professional responsibility to make adaptive changes to technical challenges to better serve our clients. Furthermore, Leavitt (2010) emphasized not only on verbal and non-verbal communication skill but also on the linguistic

  • Multicultural Communication And Cross-Cultural Communication

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    from this country or another, have language and cultural differences that can cause misunderstanding and miscommunication among coworkers. In order to understand how other cultures communicate, we should learn about other cultures and the ways they communicate with each other. When all team members make an effort to understand each other better, a more cohesive team is formed. International companies or global teams are limited by language and cultural differences; however, human resources personnel

  • The Importance Of Cross-Cultural Communication

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    With globalization, cross cultural communication is taking more and more importance in companies. Indeed, freedom of movement of workers and the installation of multinational companies all over the world bring different cultures to meet. Mostly since the cold war ended and the developping countries are taking more and more importance in the world economy. That is why companies, in order to be effective, need nowadays managers well prepared to handle cross cultural communication. To supply this demand