Cross Cultural Communication Essay

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Cross Cultural Communication

Cross culture communication basically describes one’s ability to successfully create, stimulate, develop relationships with member of a culture which is different from our own culture. The internet technology today has really helped to promote business to different cultures of the world. Cross culture communication is like a two way street if one side doesn’t know take responsibility of communication effectively and clearly then miscommunication is inevitable. Regardless of whom they are communicating with or in whatever situation, the desired to build bridge between the listener and the speaker is most important. If the communication is electronic then it becomes much easy but what if you have to communicate face-to-face? Cross culture communication is a significant issue in international business because the success of international business depends upon sophisticated interaction between different culture and subculture; it can be experienced by an employee who is transferred to another country with a whole new culture in order to accomplish a mutual task people from more or less different cultural and geographical background have to come and work together. Time is one of the most essential differences that separate cultural way of doing things. In our country time is seen as quantitative, present focused and sequential. In the east people like to do many things at a single time. There, time is seen as unlimited continuity. So that time can play a significant role in painful and dramatic ways in negotiation processes. It is also completely true that cultural approaches to communication is not always applied in good faith but may able to serve variety of motive. Communication is an important influenc...

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...ffective cross culture communication, you have won half the battle already ad effective way of improving cross cultural communication is “active listening”. When you are talking with some one from another country or culture try to avoid slag’s or references that might be confusing and offensive to non native speakers. Research your negotiating partner’s background and experience. Listen carefully during conversation and if you are unsatisfied with the answers given to by your counterpart politely ask them to repeat it. Accept and respect people from different culture who are different from your own because each individual is unique and one should not classify them on the basis of race, ethnicity, socio-economic value and political beliefs.

Theories of cross-cultural communication

According to my experience the two theories of cross cultural communication are:
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