Cross Cultural Communication Essay

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In Hall’s article, “Context and Meaning” it is revealed to us the importance in cross cultural communication. Context can be defined as the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed. Cross cultural communication is important because it creates diversity and understanding between the workers. In this essay the reader is provided with sufficient evidence to identify the staging of context with such importance to cross culture communication, teach about culture and joint cooperatives, and business transaction, and help create a diverse workforce. First of all, to identify the importance of context in cross culture communication is to follow it in stages. Context is the background information that one will use to create a realistic…show more content…
One must determine if the country is using group, as harmonic way or using it to help the individual. One must determine if the country is using group as harmonic way or using it to help the individual. For example, when Japanese people play baseball, they play for the purpose of having fun and to work in a group setting. Japan’s fundament to have a collectivist mindset in has helped their community blossom and became great again. America’s baseball is a competitive sport. In America, teams are good its every player plays their best. In Japan when players do their best, and are treated the same regardless of they played. Japan was taught to play baseball by an American professor, who was a former Red Sox player in America. It later presented to college aged student who did not know anything about baseball. They soon realize that this excitable game that American’s played can influence Japan’s traditions; they decided to played baseball with their own rules and regulations after defeated the Athletic’s. However, in modern times they still kept the American’s culture of
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