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    Introduction Chocolate is a kind of sweet. Moreover, most people in the world like to eat chocolate. Chocolate grows on the continental chocolate evergreen tree known as "cocoa" which produces seeds which people use to make different types of cocoa, including chocolate. This topic is important because around the world chocolate attracts many people and they cannot resist it and there are some people who are addicted to it, but they do not know what the advantages and the disadvantages of chocolate are. For

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    Chocolate made the journey from Mesoamerica to Spain, and then to other European countries, including England. Not long after the sweetness was tasted in London, it traveled across the Atlantic to the North American colonies. It is possible to have traveled there directly from Jamaica after the island had been seized from Spain. However, the most genuine explanation is that high Colonial officials carried it with them when they were assigned to their administrative posts in Virginia and Massachusetts

  • Chocolate: The Production Of Chocolate In The World

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    In today’s confectionary industry, chocolate makes up the largest amount of sales whopping in at around $22 billion annually which accounts for over 60 percent of all candy sales. Chocolate is one of the most widely consumed products in the world, with North America being its leading consumer and followed second by Europe. All though most people do not know the unique origins and tedious process required for producing the popular treat. Cacao which is known as the cocoa bean, comes from the cacao

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    The journey from the cacao tree to the chocolate bar is not complicated, but requires multiple steps, each of which involves careful attention to get the best possible finished product. Chocolate makers have perfected the making of chocolate after many centuries to give us the delicious chocolate that so many people around the world enjoy today. Chocolate companies often deal directly with cacao farmers, giving them a say in how the beans are treated from the moment they are harvested (Moss & Badenoch

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    Introduction 3 2. What is chocolate? 3 3. Origins of chocolate 3.1 The Mayan civilisation 3 3.2 Cocoa in the Aztec Empire 4 3.3 Introduction of cocoa to Spain 5 3.4 The spread of chocolate across Europe 5 3.5 Chocolate Houses in London 6 4. Who and Where? 6 5. From the plantations to the store 5.1 Cocoa Pods and Beans 6 5.2 Cocoa bean processing 7 5.3 Chocolate making 7 6. The real price of chocolate 8 7. Conclusion 9 References

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    benefits of chocolate, but new research is starting to prove that the Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayans and Spaniards were not too far off. Now, the pods from the tree containing cocoa beans are collected, and the cocoa beans are taken out of the pod (Healing Foods Pyramid Par. 15). The beans are then fermented, dried, roasted, then ground to make cocoa liquor (Healing Foods Pyramid Par. 15). The cocoa liquor is then combined with sugar, vanilla, and cocoa butter to make what is now known as chocolate (Healing

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    Effects of Chocolate Chocolate is one of the most popular foods all around the world. It has been said that over 2 billion pounds of chocolate is annually consumed in the United States and the Swiss consume over 22 pounds per person per year[1]. Despite its increasing consumption chocolate has had and still is having a lot of negative effects on the human health. Some people think that it’s addictive and eat more and more of it whilst there are some who think the other way. Chocolate is gaining

  • Benefits Of Chocolate

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    Chocolate is considered as the ultimate comfort foodstuff, a reliable support in times of stress, and a yummy source to improve your mood when you’re feeling down and how can we forget it as a symbol of romance-inducer in more positive situations. But are all kinds of chocolate healthy? If you rejects lots of it, clearly not. But there is a host of medically proven methods in which good chocolate, especially dark chocolate with around 70% cocoa or more has been found good for the heart, blood circulation

  • Chocolate: The Mesoamericans

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    Chocolate As you may know, chocolate has been around for many years, dating back to the Mayan and Aztec times (Ackar). This sweet treat has not always been sweet though. It started out as just plain old cocoa beans that were very bitter. Once these cocoa beans began to export and different countries started to receive them, those countries started to add spices and other items to enhance the flavor and make to the experience even more delicious. The Mesoamericans, or Mayans, first started using cocoa

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    Chocolate is a delightful confectionary consumed and enjoyed by many people. Some indulge in it as a treat on any given day, or share it on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays [7]. The history of chocolate dates back to the Mayan and Aztec (1500BC [7]) civilisations in Central America. These ancient cultures referred to chocolate as “food of the gods”. They invented a spicy drink made from roasted cocoa beans, called “chocolatl” [13]. This spicy drink was

  • The Benefits of Chocolate

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    Chocolate There is nothing any better than a good piece of chocolate. Its rich, its creamy, its smooth, and it makes us feel so-o-o-o good for a few moments of course, that is; until the guilt of the calories kick in. Chocolate happens to be one of my favorite sweets. The wonderful creamy milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate, or even my personal favorite a silky dark chocolate, the choices are hard. I sat down this weekend to really think about, and compare the differences

  • The Chocolate Tree

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    The Chocolate Tree Fossil records are unable to provide information of on the center of origins of the cacao tree. The cacao tree is in the Sterculiaceae family. The first growers of the cacao pods were probably the people who entered the lowland rain forests of the Amazon Basin between 10,000 and 200 B.P. The full name of the cacao tree is Theobroma cacao. Most of the information of the cacao have been derived from the cultivated crop. The life and reproduction life cycle of Theobroma cacao is

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    The history and beginning of Chocolate Who developed Chocolate? (Afroakwa E.o, 2010) The saying "cocoa" is a debasement of the expression "cacao" that is taken straight from Mayan and Aztec dialects. (Grivetti L.e, 2009) Until generally as of late individuals finished not consider consuming the chocolate bar, drinking was the first utilization of chocolate, paying little respect to the confirmation of the Amazonian birthplaces, Mesoamericans were its unique organizers. (Backett S.t, 2008) The

  • Chocolate Store

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    Chocolate Store Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or RMCF for short is a franchise store with the parent company located in Durango, Colorado which was established in 1981.There are many different Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factories around the U.S. and there are a few in Michigan.There is the one I work at in Somerset Mall in Troy, one at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights and another one at Great Lakes Crossing to name a few.The particular store that I work in has been there for 3 ½ years (since

  • Is It A Chocolate Sale...Or A Chocolate War..??

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    Is It A Chocolate Sale...Or A Chocolate War..?? Chocolate "sale" or.....chocolate "war"? Although you describe this novel as being mainly based on simply the chocolate sale, the correct answer is more like the war of the chocolate sale. Already from the opening page of this exclusive book, where quarterback Jerry Renault is clobbered by a relentless defense, The Chocolate War is relentless in its portrayal of the vicious, sometimes violent world of high school. Through Jerry Renault, Robert Cormier

  • The Chocolate Process: The Process Of The Production Of Chocolate

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    The chocolate finds out in Latin America, when cacao trees were growing in the wild. In England 1847, Fry and Sons presented the first chocolate that it was ineffective because of the bitter taste. In fact, the scent of chocolate growths theta brain waves, which generate relaxation. In addition, many people have different opinions about chocolate category like white chocolate, dark chocolate, and brown chocolate. Moreover, the process of production chocolate is not plain as it looks like. It is an

  • The Components Of Chocolate Solids And Cocoa Chocolates

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    Chocolate powder and chocolate bars are both common ingredients for chocolate flavored recipes. Chocolates have only two main components- Cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Cocoa solids is where all of the unique flavor in chocolate comes from. Cocoa butter is where the texture from chocolates come from. Cocoa Powder contain mainly cocoa solids. Cocoa solids and cocoa butter Cocoa powder contains only a small amount of cocoa butter. Cocoa powder is mainly

  • Chocolates Case Study

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    The chocolate industry in India is one of the major segments of the Indian confectionery, which is at the pace of increasing demand. Food retail industry and confectionery are the fastest growing sectors which would accelerate the growth of chocolates in the country. Introduction India is a nation of chocoholics and the country has one of world’s fastest growing chocolate markets. Chocolates, one of the mouth-watering foods are relished by kids, young and middle-aged people in India. In the

  • The Wonderful World of Chocolate

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    Chocolate has become one of the most popular food type and flavors in today’s industry. From dark, to milk, to white, and so many other flavors, the enhancing ability this ingredient has is very important to chefs in order to make their dishes staples. From putting it into a chilli to folding it into batter there is no other flavor that can compare to chocolate. But where does this extraordinary flavor come from, how do we get it, and what is the difference between all the different types of chocolate

  • Chocolate-Ism Religion

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    created a new religion, Chocolate-ism. Chocolate-ism is a religion based on love and healing. It is believed that Chocolate can mend your broken heart and battle depression. The main focus of this religion is to always be happy with whatever life throws your way, and through chocolate-ism this can be achieved. Followers of Chocolate-ism believe that there are good and evil people in this world. If you’re allergic to chocolate it is said that you are considered evil. In chocolate-ism we believe this