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Introduction Chocolate is a kind of sweet. Moreover, most people in the world like to eat chocolate. Chocolate grows on the continental chocolate evergreen tree known as "cocoa" which produces seeds which people use to make different types of cocoa, including chocolate. This topic is important because around the world chocolate attracts many people and they cannot resist it and there are some people who are addicted to it, but they do not know what the advantages and the disadvantages of chocolate are. For example, one advantage of chocolate is many effects on vascular health such as improving blood pressure, and one disadvantage of chocolate is it has high saturated fat content. Most people in Qatar like and eat a lot of chocolate, but they do not know the advantages and disadvantages of chocolate. However, you must eat chocolate one or two times a day. The purpose of this report is to find out what people know about the advantages and disadvantages, and what is the healthiest type of chocolate. Survey Findings The survey was complete on 28 of October by 26 of respondents. The ma...

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