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Chocolate is a delightful confectionary consumed and enjoyed by many people. Some indulge in it as a treat on any given day, or share it on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays [7].
The history of chocolate dates back to the Mayan and Aztec (1500BC [7]) civilisations in Central America. These ancient cultures referred to chocolate as “food of the gods”. They invented a spicy drink made from roasted cocoa beans, called “chocolatl” [13]. This spicy drink was only consumed during betrothal and marriage ceremonies. This was the first link between chocolate and romance! The Spaniards were introduced to this beverage during the 1500’s and took is back home, but kept the production it a secret for nearly 100 years. Spain’s monopoly on chocolate production declined, and by the 16th century this delectable drink was very popular amongst the wealthy in France. It was a very expensive drink, affordable to only the very rich [13]. The first of many “chocolate houses”, or hot chocolate shops, opened in London. By the mid-1700’s these shops were seen all over England.
Various European countries were producing chocolate confections by the 1800’s. Chocolate became affordable to many now because production costs decreased as the cocoa beans were being grinded using steam-engine mechanized machines [13].
This delicacy is now enjoyed around the world, bringing the consumption of chocolate beans to more than 3 million tons annually [13].
Chocolate is made from cocoa beans which grow on the cacao tree: o The botanical name for this tropical rainforest plant is Theobroma Cacao [7]. Theobroma Cacao is Greek for “Food of the gods” [15]. o Although the tree is native to Latin America, it is now cultivate...

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...bacteria to damage teeth and gums [12].
Osteoporosis is another concern resulting from a high sugar intake because calcium is leached from the bones when sugar is metabolised [12].
Certain nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C are needed to digest sugar, and therefore too much sugar depletes these nutrients from the body [12]. This depletion results in anaemia and a lower immune system [12].
In conclusion, consuming chocolate can be beneficial on the body from a health perspective provided that it forms part of a balanced diet and is consumed in moderation. Of the three types of chocolate, dark chocolate is the most beneficial due to its high cocoa content, as the properties of cocoa are of great benefit to the body, and the lower sugar content. White chocolate is the least beneficial due to its absence of cocoa and the high sugar content.

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  • Explains the history of chocolate dating back to the mayan and aztec civilizations in central america. they invented a spicy drink made from roasted cocoa beans, called "chocolatl".
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