The Chocolate Process: The Process Of The Production Of Chocolate

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The chocolate finds out in Latin America, when cacao trees were growing in the wild. In England 1847, Fry and Sons presented the first chocolate that it was ineffective because of the bitter taste. In fact, the scent of chocolate growths theta brain waves, which generate relaxation. In addition, many people have different opinions about chocolate category like white chocolate, dark chocolate, and brown chocolate. Moreover, the process of production chocolate is not plain as it looks like. It is an intense and complex operation because it takes several procedures to be equipped. Nevertheless, it is a pleasurable work. The manufacture of chocolate is a very pleasant operation that is done in eight specific and obvious stages. Reaping, fermenting, and ventilating are the initial steps to produce chocolate. In the article, “The 8 steps to chocolate perfection,” Whitaker (2014) writes that should preserve the cocoa beans to dry no less than five days. Through the reaping, cocoa pods are harvested twice a year and the time of reaping the beans is altered from one…show more content…
According to Whitaker (2014), in “The 8 steps to chocolate perfection,” makers should be vigilant on these three steps because it makes the flavor of chocolate. First, roasting chocolate is one of the techniques that can chocolate maker bring their own unique chocolate making and different from maker to another. This operation depends on the variables as temperature, which is under maker’s control and part of his secret recipe. In addition, temperature has a major effect on the final chocolate’s flavor. It wants a lot of careful and tasting. Next, the beans after roasting have a slim peel covering them, which should be removed, so in this step of operation, the beans removed this peel by cracking open it and this operation called winnowing. Then a piece of beans, which known as “grains” are leaving behind the broken

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