Chocolate: The History And History Of Chocolate

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Chocolate As you may know, chocolate has been around for many years, dating back to the Mayan and Aztec times (Ackar). This sweet treat has not always been sweet though. It started out as just plain old cocoa beans that were very bitter. Once these cocoa beans began to export and different countries started to receive them, those countries started to add spices and other items to enhance the flavor and make to the experience even more delicious. The Mesoamericans, or Mayans, first started using cocoa beans in 600 B.C. as a remedy for certain disorders (Lippi). There is evidence of this found on ancient artifacts such as old writings and remnants of pottery (Lippi). The Mayans thought that the cocoa pods were the symbol of life and were the food of the gods, so they started using them as a currency due to the wisdom and power it gave when consumed (Ackar). Then in 1528, Hernan Cortez, a conquistador, brought cocoa beans and the recipe of xocoatl, an Aztec and Mayan drink, to Spain (Ackar). Here, the Spaniards changed the recipe by adding extra spices for a variety of flavors (Ackar). ...

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