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  • Analysis Of Monsoon Wedding And My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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    Wedding and My Big Fat Greek Wedding combine these aspects of weddings to tell us two different stories that revolve around very similar themes. Both movies portray the importance of family and acceptance through events and conflicts that surround a wedding. However, the different types of romances, marriages, and cultural issues depicted in these movies create two distinct images that can be seen as polar opposites, while sharing a similar message. The love story between the sympathetic protagonist

  • Essay On Smoking In Public Places

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    There are about 120 million smokers in India. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India is home to 12% of smokers in the world. Nearly 900,000 people die each year in India because of smoking as of 2009. According to the 2002 World Health Organization estimates that 30% of adult males smoke in India. Among adult females, and this figure is much between 3-5% lower. ., The Supreme Court recognized in Murli Deora against the Indian Union and the harmful effects of smoking in the public

  • Hhw yy

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    The Indian culture is best understood when it is experienced in person. The words on paper can do no justice to this majestic country. The country has some flaws like corruption, pollution, and low wages. However, the government and the citizens are hard at work trying to change the way the world looks at India. For the most part, the Indian people value the traditions and customs that their elders taught them. The Indian culture is dependent on the regions, as each region if different from the other

  • Product Strategy: Boulder Canyon

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    Product strategy The product strategy use for Boulder Canyon will use dual adaptions, where the product name and flavors will be modified. Although many people in the United States know of (or have heard of) Boulder Colorado, many people outside of the United States will probably not. If foreigners were to look up the definition of the word, “ boulder”, they would find information about rocks, not Boulder Colorado, which is known for being one of the healthiest cities in the United States (Page

  • What Attracts Me to the Nursing Profession

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    different medication. During my spare time I used to attend a Bollywood dance class at a local fitness centre and I enjoy Bollywood dancing, as it gives me the chance to relieve stress as well as maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. I believe physical endurance for a nurse is extremely important since as a nurse I would be dealing with frequent physical tasks and standing for long periods of time. I enjoy cooking and watching movies. I would describe nursing as rewarding and being able to develop

  • Hindi And English Essay

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    ‘Why do Bollywood movies mix Hindi and English’ is a question that I have been asked by my foreigner friends over and over again. It comes to them as a surprise when I reply. ‘It is the normal way people talk in India’. Today, English is generally accepted as being the ‘lingua franca’ of the modern world. This phrase refers to the adoption of English as the ‘bridging’ language among communities to facilitate communication amidst people who do not speak the same language or dialect- making it the

  • Old is Unique

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    While growing up in Nepal, I used to get irritated while listening to any typical Nepali songs that played on radio or cassette player. Almost every songs were alike with slow and lengthy pace and had very old texture to it. There were no other alternatives to choose except to embrace what I am used to. But as I grew up and my taste on music diversified with the music of other cultures, I began to realize the differences they have with Nepali music. The songs that used to irritate me before are very

  • The Importance Of Media Bias

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    1 INTRODUCTION “Everything is in the way the material is composed.”― Joseph O'Connor, Star of the Sea A bias can be defined as “an inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.” Powerful entities can cause strong biases. Media Bias occurs when any source of media portrays information in a prejudiced or biased way. Media bias has become a topic of great speculation and interest because media is not only a part and parcel of our lives but

  • The Film Analysis Of A Bollywood Film: Lagaan

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    I decided I would talk about a Bollywood movie, because I want more Bollywood movies than Hollywood movies. I picked Lagaan because I felt as though this movie portrays social class and race. This movie takes place in a small poor village of Champaner during the peak of the British Empire in India during 1893. Captain Andrew Russell, the commanding officer of the Champaner are gas imposed high taxes (the meaning for Lagaan) on the people from the local villages due to the prolonged drought. Upset

  • What's Embeded Marketing or Product Placement?

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    An Argument Against Product Placement Embedded marketing, or product placement, is a form of advertising that integrates the product in a non-commercial environment such as movies and TV shows. Product placement is not a new trend; it has been in place since early years of the movie industry. However, it began to spread in the 1930s when the company of Owl Cigars invested in the movie “Scarface” an amount of $250,000 to place their product in the movie (Lindstorm, 2008). It has been argued that