Shah Rukh Kwood Film Analysis

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In the pre 1990s in India, the injustice of the nation state caused directors and producers to release movies like Sholay where the hero gets introduced to fight the injustice that are shown towards the lower class. The hero uses vulgarity and uncleanness to fight he system. However, in the post 1990s, Bollywood movies were introduced and Karan Johar films (KJo) attracted many social classes and members of the diaspora creating emotions and memories of the homeland. He introduced Shah Rukh Khan using the clean and more family oriented movies that reflects the “Indian Culture” in the diaspora. KJO films not only use the homeland to film these movies, but he also started using many exotic places and sceneries like the US, London and Australia. The South Asian Indian Diasporas followed these KJo films, to fulfill their nostalgic memories to define Indian identity. The Indian nation state approved of these films due to the revenue and the NRI that were investing in the India. KJo films started to become popular in Bollywood by creating urban cosmopolitan romances and family dramas starring Shah Rukh Khan.
Shah Rukh Khan has been the star in the Bollywood, representing the post liberalization of India. He has starred many movies including movies that were played in the diaspora. He is also known as the contemporary star in Bollywood. “Through a diaspora assessment of Pardes, Dudrah foregrounds the centrality of Shak Rukh khan as a contemporary star in Bollywood.” (Thakur, 125) This is because he offers desires which intercedes in the homeland and diaspora through on and off screen performances, using his body to articulate and adapt particular kinds of social and economic desires. By viewing his performances it helps us to understand ...

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...n persona and helped transform the actor into brand.” (Chopra) Chopra, supports that Shah Rukh Khan’s popular is widely known not only through his films but as well as many of his advertisement. Shah Rukh Khan continues to be wooed and praising by not only the older generation but as well as now because of his character both on screen and off screen. He came this sensational model for the diaspora and as well as those living in the homeland, India.
This argument is important to make that Shah Rukh Khan in fact shows that it is possible to be both Indian at heart whole embracing different culture around the diaspora. We do not need to choose between the Indian culture versus another, but Indian culture can still be carried around the world, and Shah Rukh Khan in his movies show both the articulation and the motility that can be done in the diaspora and the homeland.

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