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Bollywood is a dominant part of Indian film fraternity having its roots in Mumbai. The term was coined in the late 20th century, by capitalizing from the term Hollywood (Janet 2003; K.Jha, Subhash 2005). It is considered as one of the largest film-making entity, with 27% of total Indian Entertainment revenue (Mathew Jones, 2010; Desai, Lord Meghnad, 2013). Music and songs play an integral part of Bollywood movies. It has been over 100 years that Bollywood has contributed to the Indian cinema industry. The impact of Bollywood is not only in India, but also spans Pakistan, Japan, Nepal, Australia, US, Africa, Canada and much more (Acharya, Sharmista 2004). The reason for such a world-wide growth is the passion in the audiences for the Hindi cinema. They are various genres of movies that includes, comedy, action, romantic, drama, horror and they have a high entertainment content. According to a study, more than 1000 films are made every year and about 1.4% of Indians go to the theatres on a regular basis. A new era for Bollywood movies was started in 2012, with the famous “100 crore clu...

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