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Indian Film Industry Promotes Rape and Violence
The Indian film industry is one of the largest in the world, producing over 1200 films yearly in Hindi and many other regional languages (McCarthy). The film industry plays a substantial role in shaping the attitudes, perspectives, and social interactions in Indian society. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between the behavior of people and the films they watch (Huesmann). The increasing occurrence of obscenities in Indian films and the expanding tolerance of the hypersexualized depiction of women have raised concerns over the effects that these films have on society. To protect women and society from these influences Indian authorities must raise awareness for these issues. The
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Since 2010, “The rape rates have increased by 7.1%” (Tilak) and a factor of this increase is Bollywood’s famous “Item Songs,” appearing more commonly around 2010. “Item Songs” are tightly choreographed, sexually provocative, musical performances performed by women in almost every Indian film produced. These songs have absurd lyrics that strip women of their humanity. One example is a song called “Fevicol Se.” The translation of one line is “I am like barbecued chicken, swallow me with a glass of alcohol.” These lyrics degrade women to the status of mere objects. They are not empowering women; they only objectify women. A majority of the Indian men who watch these films often have minimal communication with women and make judgments related to the context of these movies when they see women portrayed in this manner. Many films justify verbal assaults against women. One film called “Dabangg” has a plot in which the main protagonist stalks the heroine, grabs her hand, and constantly whistles at her or harasses her; in the end, they get married. Films like this promote sexual harassment and justify the belief that this is the way to a girl’s heart. Therefore, to reduce rape rates, government authorities should be allowed to filter these films so that they can require any scenes that portray or even slightly influence rape to be…show more content…
In addition, my little brother who is 8 years old likes acting out these kinds of scenes with a toy gun after watching one of these movies. Films like these portray violence in a more positive light. The constant promotion of gun violence in Hindi films is negatively affecting society. Indian Express suggests, “Roughly 40 million civilian-owned firearms are in India, out of an estimated 650 million civilian guns worldwide. About 6.3 million of the 40 million firearms - just over 15 percent - are licensed” (only 15 pc of firearms in India are licensed). According to one advocate, “Violence in the mass media contributes substantially to the development of aggressive habits that may persist throughout the life course” (Biosocial Bases of Violence). Following this research, my little brother still displays these behaviors, trying to become the actors and looking up to them, figuratively. Consequently, the portrayal of violence should be censored to only allow audiences that are older than eighteen who have a greater understanding of
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