Bollywood is the overall film industry in India, which originates from Mumbai. It is a celebration of all that makes India a beautiful country. It brings people together with music and dancing, loves stories and heartbreak. Bollywood is to India as football is to America. It is part of what defines it and its’ people.
Bollywood is in fact the world’s largest producer of film. The film giant produces over 800 films a year, and shows no intent to slow down. Bollywood’s top grossing film in 2014, so far, is “Jai Ho.” This film grossed over 106 Crore, which is about 18 Million in USD. To give some perspective, 18 Million in USD is average for a box office hit, but so far, those are good numbers for bollywood.
Typically, Bollywood films are musicals. Dance numbers and solos are very common among the films. Nearly all their films consist of at least one dance number. They also consist of a variety of different film elements. Any one film can stretch over several different movie types. There different mixes of action movies, love stories, comedies, and thrillers that are sometimes all rolled into one. Typically the films average three hours with intermissions included. They call this a “Masala Movie.” Masala is any number of spices, ground and mixed together as a paste to use in Indian dishes. This explains the phrase “Like masala, it has everything.” The people who watch these films want the most value for their money, which justifies the expected 3 hour average length of each film.
The plot in many Bollywood movies share similar ingredients. The films are often exaggerative. They consist of hopeless lovers, dirty politicians, twins separated at birth, villains, angry relatives, prince charmings’, overly convenient coincidences, and...

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...tarted to heighten their budget and production levels during the late 1990s, Bollywood started to gain pressure to increase the quality of their films. Movies shot overseas, away from their audience, were most popular in box offices. So as time goes on, Bollywood film crews are traveling more and more. Supposedly it is important to the audience that they receive a new and exhilarating experience from the films they see. They want to see places and things that aren't easily accessible by their standards. Which makes it common for film crews to go to exotic places outside their country like Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe. By keeping their locations varied, Indian producers are keeping audience’s attention and drawing in huge box office profits with their big budget films. And still, budgets are rising.
Funding for these films Bollywood films often come from

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