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Hamza Allawala UGS 303-Bollywood & India Crime & Poverty in Bollywood Films Research Paper Depending on the social settings and the intentions of the directors, movies have been produced to depict varying occurrences in a society. Sometimes, the movies are used to pass particular message to the audience through motion pictures or a series of still image projected on a screen. Over the years, the production of movies has become a multibillion industry since they provide stimulating experience and communication of perceptions, feeling ideas or stories. Bollywood movies are among the works of an art being used to illustrate the various social happenings in the society (Kabir 25). Various Bollywood movies have created a presumption that poverty makes an individual likely engage in criminal activities. Over the years, the movies have been produced in various neighborhoods where the occurrence of criminal acts is directly linked to the prevailing poverty levels. In fact it is more likely to view varying forms of crime in the Indian Neighborhoods featured by Bollywood movies. Some of the featured crimes include theft, murder, illegal trade activities and other unlawful consequences. Therefore the featured movies have been used to depict that the connection between poverty and crime within the Indian context and crime is the easiest way to do it. According to studies, this illustration in the Bollywood movies has further intensified the debate on the relationship between crime and poverty in the society. In fact, the rich people who perpetrate crimes cannot be classified as being motivated by their financial status, but by other motivating factors depending on their religion and community of existence (Bellour and Penley ... ... middle of paper ... ... true local sense rather than influenced its movie technicalities and demonstration to the westernized movie culture (Lorenzon 6). Therefore, there are various instances present to prove that Bollywood has not changed its niche due to the western culture or Hollywood culture but it is the process of globalization which has come to change the culture of movies in the Hindi cinema. To conclude, this paper has demonstrated various instances of Bollywood movies depicting poverty and crime through movies. Most of the movies in the Hindi cinema are based on the genres such as love, violence, religion, gender, ethnicity, crime and poverty (Kazmi 4). It certainly proves that the featured movies have been used to depict that the connection between poverty and crime within the Indian context and movies based upon crime has been quite dominating in the Bollywood industry.

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