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  • Importance Of Indianness In Bollywood Cinema

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    Commodification of Indianness in Bollywood movies and Diaspora Chapter -1 …Introduction Introduction of Indian Cinema Bollywood movies are entertaining the global is the one of largest film industry in the world, the term Bollywood coined in a journalistic column in India and contested and commended in almost equal measure. The word is a derivative, imitative and low quality version of the world richest film factory –Hollywood but in terms of the production of feature films and viewership

  • Film Essay: Sexism In The Indian Cinema

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    like a girl and be softer else people wouldn’t find me attractive. On occasions, I have been told to go on stage and speak after the male actor. I have reacted by saying but I am a bigger star,” Stating another famous Bollywood actress – Anushka Sharma’s viewpoints on Sexism in Bollywood she said ““If there is an actor at the same stature as me, who would be able to bring in only that much money to a movie, he would still be paid more than me because he is a guy. Nobody is even thinking about it. It

  • Bollywood Ethics Essay

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    devotional songs, written by renowned lyricists Shakeel Badayuni, and composed by music by Naushad Ali, to actors choosing life partners irrespective of their religious backgrounds to Shah Rukh Khan calling his son AbRam, Bollywood has

  • The Expatriate Indian

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    Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995) and Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham (2005) were movies that highlighted a very interesting phenomenon; the expatriate Indian. A more colloquially used term would be the NRI (non- resident Indian). Featuring the protagonists as NRIs wasn’t common until the early 1990’s. Before that the NRIs were shown as antagonists with bad morals and poor ethics. It was definitely a big change in Hindi cinema when this new representation took place. All along throughout the 1960’s

  • Influence And Globalization In Bollywood: The Rise Of Hollywood

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    and allure of Hollywood, many often forget the presence of yet another powerhouse in cinema-Bollywood. The exponential rise of Bollywood can be attributed to the vast number of films produced which far outnumber those of Hollywood. The viewership of Bollywood films has surpassed the 3 billion mark in contrast to Hollywood’s 1.3 billion viewers (Mcbain, 2012). In an ever-growing market, in order for Bollywood to surpass Hollywood’s hegemonic international appeal, Indian films must compete with their

  • The First of the Motion Media

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    A film or a movie is an important art form .It reflects the cultures and at the same time influences them. Movies can have a powerful and strong effect on people. It is considered to be educational to the public in many ways that could help them in their lives. The word film is divided into many categories which include: animated films, documentaries and comedy films .When the film industry had it breakthrough it spread worldwide and it is now a multi-million business, but it had it struggles at

  • Essay On Hrakik Roshan

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    Film & Video: Actor Research Often described as India’s most complete actor Hrithik Roshan, 40, does seem to have all that it takes, the perfect arsenal to become a superstar in the film industry. The Bollywood film star was born on January 10th, 1974. He was born and raised in the beautiful city of Mumbai the film capital of India where several stars in the making go to fulfil their dreams. He has two children, Hridhaan & Hrehaan and he was married to his high school sweet-heart, Suzanne for more

  • Bollywood Movie Analysis

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    5 Bollywood Movies which Teach a Great Parenting Lesson Hindi Cinema has been entertaining the Indian masses for many decades. Some movies have made us laugh, while some have made us cry. There are some movies which can never seem boring or outdated. Some movies teach us a great parenting lesson. They carry a message. For each parent, their child is the best and they want him/her to excel. Often, parents do not understand many things and such concepts have been shown in movies and a very strong

  • Bollywood Film Essay

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    the emergence of small town India or the gradual breakdown of the old feudal order or of despair, anger, alienation and separation or of resurrection, a new resurgence and a new confidence. You will see them in the screen of Bollywood and other regional industries. Bollywood also reflects the transformation of the Indian psyche from a post-colonial pastiche of different politeness of the 1950s to the confident global Indian of

  • Bollywood And Social Media In The Indian Film Industry

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    difficult, as there were no national television networks, magazines or internet, nor was the ability to release a movie spontaneously in 1000’s of cities (¬Bosko.M, 2003). Bollywood, which is a popular name for the Indian film industry is now relying on the social media rather than questioning the effectiveness of its affordances. Bollywood and social media marketing tactics are evolving in each other’s courtship. Today everybody wants to eat a piece of social media