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  • The Role of Indian Cinema in Shaping Public Opinion on 9/11 Attack

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    innumerable times. At the same time, foreign-based media has provided its own detached point of views on 9/11 and the objective of this article is to bring forth some of those point of views depicted by the Indian cinema or more popularly known as Bollywood, and to study its impact on the Indian society. This article presents a detailed analysis of the movie – New York released in 2009 and directed by renowned Indian director Kabir Khan, which was the first Indian movie, based on the September 11 attacks

  • Modern Bollywood, A Decade Old: Bollywood and the Colonial Censorship

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    Introduction This essay explains the journey of Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) and how it has changed itself and its audience’s perspective on Hindi Cinema. Applying the key features from Dennis McQuail’s “Normative Theory”, the relationship between Bollywood and the audience, controlled by the censorship board will be explained; and how both, the Bollywood industry and Censor Board are responsible for bringing changes to each other in the terms of rules, regulations, audience’s attitudes and their

  • Laagan's Theme

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    The theme of the movie Lagaan is the realistic portrayal of life. The use of the country's most liked game, cricket, is a great example of Bhuvan’s characteristics. He taught different skills like leadership, team spirit, motivation and stress management. Bhuvan was the protagonist of the movie. He was a person with great talents and leadership skills. He showed that in the movie by finding the players first. He had a hard time finding players because no one wanted to play with him. In a way, everyone

  • An Introduction to the 3 Idiots, an Award Winning Film

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    An Introduction to the 3 Idiots, an Award Winning Film It is from this context that the film 3 Idiots comes. 3 Idiots was a “superhit film” (3 Idiots Triumphs) directed by Rajkumar Hirani and released in 2009. The 3 Idiots is an award winning film with many awards were given specifically for its sound design. 3 Idiots has won more than 20 awards including best sound recording and best sound re-recording from the International Indian Film Academy (3 Idiots Awards) and best sound engineer, best lyricists

  • Essay On Bollywood And Hollywood

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    score. Bollywood is the Indian Hollywood, and is very large compared to Hollywood. Bollywood, on the other hand, has scores that mainly consist of songs. The scores for Indian films are considered filmi or masala film. Bollywood still has the underscore when a songs in not being performed. Many times during the songs, the singers are not in the scene but are dubbing over the scene in their own voices. These items songs are the strength of Bollywood, and have caused a lot of diversity. Bollywood and

  • Art Cinema is an Alternative Mode of Filmmaking to traditional Hollywood Style

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    According to both Geoffery Nowell-Smith, in Making Waves, and David Bordwell, in Film Criticism, art cinema is an alternative mode of filmmaking to traditional Hollywood style films. The films Band of Outsiders (Bande à part), and A Hard Days Night both negate traditional mainstream cinema techniques, however these films are equally not art cinema. Bordwell defines art cinema as, “explicitly against the classical narrative mode, and especially against the cause-effect linkage of events,” (57). Both

  • The Celluloid Closet Film Analysis

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    media. Through this paper I will try to compare the representation of the “other” in western and Indian media. While I am an avid critic and a skeptic of the Indian “Hindi” film industry, it is hard for me to ignore the cultural significance that Bollywood holds. While pop-culture is a representation of the society, films also hold the responsibility of perpetuating, and in some cases exaggerating, long held beliefs. Much like the film industry in the

  • Sexuality In Hindi Cinema Essay

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    The aim of this essay is to trace the changing representations of female sexuality in popular Hindi cinema or Bollywood, through a reading of films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai(1998), Jism(2003), Ishaqzaade(2012) and Gangs of Wasseypur, Part I(2012) that were released in and around the first decade of the twenty first century. Through these visual texts, the esssay intends to examine how in popular Hindi films the depictions of heterosexual love, desire and the act of lovemaking or sex till date continue

  • Bend It Like Beckham Analysis

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    “HOW IS INDIAN DIASPORA DEPICTED BY DIASPORIC FILM-MAKERS IN CROSSOVER INDIAN MOVIES?” I remember watching the movie “Bend it like Beckham” by Gurinder Chaddha and how fascinated I was with the entire depiction of Indian diaspora and the process of negotiation and assertion of identity that is spun across the movie. In a similar fashion Mira Nair’s the namesake is the story of identity conflict and formation of two diasporic generations in the U.S. I was captivated by the idea of how the Diaspora

  • Bollywood Dance Research

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    Hybrid Identities and Origins of Bollywood Dance The lights lifted and the music came on, revealing and moving two dancers, both dressed in native Indian clothing. Their pants were loose around the legs and tight around the ankles and the dancers wore headpieces that draped down their back. This dance can be recognized immediately as the style of Bollywood. “Bollywood” is a popular term that describes the Hindi language film industry located in Mumbai, India. The unique features of popular Hindi