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  • Bollywood Movies

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    Bollywood movies are very popular for the “Romance” portrayed in their plot. Romance in Bollywood has evolved throughout the ages. But the one thing, that has remained constant are the unofficial and official ban on any depiction that may suggest something which is not a part of the “Indian” culture. Westernization was always shown as something negative and alien. Let’s have a closer look at how Hindi cinema deals with this censorship code that has been set up. Bollywood adopted a new way to

  • Freedom and Choice in Bollywood Movies

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    The increase in globalization in the Indian subcontinent has brought along with it a series of new genres in Bollywood movies. Movies showcasing freedom being fought for by the youth and women are just a couple of interesting ones. I’ll be exploring two different movies Dor (2006) and Rang De Basanti (2006), each of which has its own take on ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’. Dor has a very simple storyline; two female protagonists (Meera and Zeenat) whose husbands respectively (Shankar and Amir) leave India

  • Song and Dance Creating An Atmosphere of Both Women Sexual Desire

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    many people think of India the first thing that comes to mind is Bollywood. Bollywood has created a major mark in India and around the world. In 2011 CNBS reported Indian cinema as being $2.2 billion industry which creates 1,200 movies yearly, provides over 1.8 million people with jobs, and has more than 14 million theater viewers daily (Jetley). People who have had little to no expose with Bollywood films may wonder what makes Bollywood films stand out in the global market, and the answer is easily

  • the world's biggest film industry

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    Today you see films everywhere you go, but do you ever think about films in other countries around you? Well, India’s Bollywood Film Industry is the biggest in the whole wide world. The Indian Cinema was started in a very unique way; there are also a lot of amazing superstars in this industry. Films have changed a lot over time since 1896. Bollywood originated from the Lumiere Brothers when they filmed six short films in a hotel in Mumbai, India. The first motion picture screened in India was at

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    Bollywood is a dominant part of Indian film fraternity having its roots in Mumbai. The term was coined in the late 20th century, by capitalizing from the term Hollywood (Janet 2003; K.Jha, Subhash 2005). It is considered as one of the largest film-making entity, with 27% of total Indian Entertainment revenue (Mathew Jones, 2010; Desai, Lord Meghnad, 2013). Music and songs play an integral part of Bollywood movies. It has been over 100 years that Bollywood has contributed to the Indian cinema industry

  • In Film Advertising Aims and Objectives

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    Behavior and Advertiser’s Behavior towards In-film Advertising Exploring product placement opportunities offered by the mainstream Hollywood and Bollywood movies, by understanding their nature, the audiences they serve and benefits the industry aims at with respect to the placed product. Study Objective: • To test the effectiveness of brand placement in movies both from the consumers and the advertisers perspective. • To understand the advantages and the drawbacks faced by the producer as well as

  • Essay On Indian Film Industry

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    degrade women to the status of mere objects. They are not empowering women; they only objectify women. A majority of the Indian men who watch these films often have minimal communication with women and make judgments related to the context of these movies when they see women portrayed in this manner. Many films justify verbal assaults against women. One film called “Dabangg” has a plot in which the main protagonist stalks the heroine, grabs her hand, and constantly whistles at her or harasses her;

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    Hamza Allawala UGS 303-Bollywood & India Crime & Poverty in Bollywood Films Research Paper Depending on the social settings and the intentions of the directors, movies have been produced to depict varying occurrences in a society. Sometimes, the movies are used to pass particular message to the audience through motion pictures or a series of still image projected on a screen. Over the years, the production of movies has become a multibillion industry since they provide stimulating experience and

  • Bollywood Cinema

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    Bollywood cinema encompasses a variety of genres. It’s superior ability to create a connection between all strata’s of viewers gives us a reason to explore the hidden representations in Bollywood cinema. Not long after India regained its independence, a new era of Indian Cinema began. This era put forth heart wrenching movies, filled with patriotic messages and a very clean concept of national progress. The main concept of the nation-state was integrated in almost every Hindi cinema that was created

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    Bollywood is the overall film industry in India, which originates from Mumbai. It is a celebration of all that makes India a beautiful country. It brings people together with music and dancing, loves stories and heartbreak. Bollywood is to India as football is to America. It is part of what defines it and its’ people. Bollywood is in fact the world’s largest producer of film. The film giant produces over 800 films a year, and shows no intent to slow down. Bollywood’s top grossing film in 2014, so