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  • Architecture And Architecture

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    century, with the industrialization of steel and glass, architecture began to take on a different role in the society. Architecture was no longer about building structures for an individual, but was about concerning with beauty, style, and aesthetics within the technology of space (Conway 8). The idea that building plus art equals architecture was no longer valid, as the equation undermined the true meaning of architecture. In Understanding Architecture, Hazel Conway states, “the allocation of living space

  • The Architecture Industry: The Role Of Architecture And Architecture

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    part of is the architecture industry. I have made this choice because, unlike most jobs, an architect’s job is constantly evolving. Although architecture is similar to art, there are various other aspects to consider, such as programing and building technology. Building materials and technology are always becoming more advanced, and it is the architect’s responsibility to make sure that the concepts that they are formulating efficiently make use of the material available. The architecture industry intrigues

  • Into Architecture

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    INTO ARCHITECTURE My reasons for choosing the path that I choose were very simple. Ever since my childhood I was always involved in art, I found amusement in drawing, and painting pictures of cars, homes, and cartoons. I always imagined myself to become an animator, or a painter, but I got really interested in construction in a very odd way. When I was 10, my parent’s house was demolished, and so my father was looking for a designer to plan out our new house. One day I overheard the conversation

  • Architecture

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    The career I have chosen for this project is an Architect. A building architect to be more specific. The career has many characteristics of work that I wish to pursue as I grow up. The main idea is thinking of new, and visually nice designs to grab your clients attention for them to buy your design. It also is a job were mathematics and now computer training is needed. The nature of work of an Architect is basically the design of building and other structures. The design of the building must not

  • Architecture

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    aforementioned Falling Waters and also the Robie house in Illinois. He is often considered the most creative architect of our time for his use of natural surroundings and building materials found in nature. No other man has made such an impact on architecture as Frank Lloyd Wright. Architects can work in a variety of conditions, but most work in office buildings that contain architectural firms of about three to six people. However, sometimes the job demands that an architect go out on the actual building

  • architecture

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    even, no architecture without program.” He then continues with, “Architecture cannot be dissociated from the events that ‘happen’ in it” (Tschumi, 139). Spaces have always been assimilated with past references, which create a type of familiarization and attachment to the past that prevents time from moving forward. Because of this assumption about the form, function, and meaning; thus architecture has been restricted by these familiarization and these assumptions. The history of architecture has been

  • Math In Architecture And Architecture

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    been learning to use math on an everyday basis. As all my teachers have told me, all jobs require some basic understanding of math. In fourth grade, my AIG class learned a unit on architecture, and since then, the idea of becoming an architect and designing fantastic buildings has always fascinated me. I knew that architecture was likely to involve a high level of math, and though I was not too keen on math at the time, I felt that it was something I could take on and accomplish. Math is an important

  • The Architecture And Characteristics Of Ancient Greek Architecture

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    Roman architecture implemented many characteristics of Ancient Greek architecture. The Romans showed the influence of their engineering skills and secular monuments, while Greek architecture exhibited the influence of their gods and ideas of physical perfection. While showing the magnificence of the Greeks and adding their own practically and creativity, the Romans developed an architectural style that remains to this day. The Greeks used the "post and lintel" system for designing a building. It

  • Green Architecture

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    Green Architecture Green Architecture began with the first Earth Day in 1970, and has grown in popularity as awareness of the earth’s many ecological problems become more wide spread. Professor Rocky Brittain states "I’ve been teaching this subject for twenty years and have watched interest grow. Now I could say there is some element of sustainability taught in just about every architecture school in the country."(Talarico, 1998) Economic factors have also helped the green movement by causing

  • Career in Architecture

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    will inform you on the history of architecture, the requirements it takes to become one, and the outlook of this field. The first thing is the history of architecture. Scientist has proven that the first sign of architecture showings were started 30,000 years ago. This job really began back in 8000 B.C., when Egyptians started building tents and houses. After the tents and houses, came the buildings and pyramids, which were built between 3000-2500 B.C. Now architecture has evolved into one of the best