Architecture And Architecture Essay

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The construction of architectural work is evidence of human skill to transform ideas into concrete actualities. Architecture exists in the real world only by the assemblage and erection of concrete materials. Buildings constructed by these materials could convey a specific meaning by structural disruption and disharmony in pieces, but unless there resides a practical usefulness, we lose our curiosity the moment its statement is understood. The building as a whole is judged by the quality of connections in its parts. It is through architecture that relies a rationale in the design of a building. Functions, forms, materials and dimensions are details of which architecture has to face. All these forces have to be met in order to create the ideal…show more content…
The spaces being created, have traces of the atmosphere and images which have been experienced by the him/her. It is with geometry that architecture is capable of defining these spaces and helping us understand them.
Whether we ask about the originality of created space like Derrida or even challenge the authenticity of that idea or space in architectural drawings, after construction, we are encouraged to acknowledge the magical power residing in a fully developed and completed creation.
Being Aware of their impact, architects create with notions on other disciplines as well. Hence there is so much to be learnt with the upcoming technologies that the probability of falling behind would constantly cast its shadow on architecture. Technological expansion has interfered the design process and today we are aided by computers with numerous software’s which have completely modified the creation of buildings by architects.
Architectural drawings and models, needn’t be constructed have value in their implicit imagination and effort, nonetheless it is the concrete representation of architecture that attracts the general
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It is through materials which ideas are concretized. As raw ingredients of art, materials only provide an atmosphere, they affect our bodies which are interwoven with our souls only through the architecture that we breathe in.
According to Hegel there resides no spiritual meaning in buildings and it is not by the spiritual subjectivity of the higher romantic arts that one could exemplify architecture, but characteristics with aspects from the symbolic art.
However, the undeniable fact that the architect designs with acquired beliefs and experiences in his/her life, results in the building having attributes to subjectivity its architect. By reading any written work, we are slightly introduced to the world of its writer, in such manner buildings can also perform as a dialogue between the architect and its users, which should be read to understand the designs objectives. The architectural creation is not made out of nothing, and consciously or unconsciously the designer uses forms from history-effective consciousness, not necessarily buildings of the past, resulting in a dialogue between forms. The progressive forms can relate and communicate to its users by this dialogue, only spoken directly through the context that they reside in and their surrounding
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