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By Marisol Palomino The field of Architecture is not only the designing of a building but also the designing of a way of life. As most would see this field as simply creating a building for others to live in or work at, as an architect you would understand that the designing of a building can also influence its inhabitants. As an architect it would be beneficial to realize architecture as an art of design. Not only would an individual have the ability to create the exterior of the building but also the interior. As an architect, the individual would have authority on what is put into the home or building itself. As Winston Churchill said “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” In the career of Architecture, as an architect, we get the opportunity to shape the environment that will ultimately create us. As an architect it is important to understand that creating a building is not only a reflection on the skills we have on creating a building but the understanding of an individual and the work of creating a house that is unique to that person or their family. Thus, is needed the quality of good communication skills. Not only do architects work with other contractors and construction workers but they work with individuals, they should have a close relationship to the client so that the client’s needs are…show more content…
Some of the early architects build some of the most wonderful architecture, such as Imhotep. Imhotep was an Egyptian chancellor who had created the first major monument built in stone. Now we have famous Zaha Hadid who has created the world’s largest atrium, Beijing's Leeza Soho Tower. Zaha is known to use glass and reflective aluminum. Its takes creativity and will power to be able to create such amazing buildings that we not only will live in or work at but can enjoy with the eye. That is one of the wonderful things that these architects have been able to give
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