The Value Of Architecture: The Pursuit Of Value In Architecture

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Pursuit of quality is a widespread implicit aim in building design but defining their value in design may vary according to various considerations. It is argued that a well-designed project will impact upon the satisfaction, comfort and well being of its occupants, in addition to the value of its cost and consumption (cost-in-use). In relation to buildings, apart from the definition of value, how the value in design is appreciated and how to measure it, Broadbent et al (1980) argue that “meaning of buildings are all those things which relate to buildings beyond the face value of their physical properties, to all those things in life which people attach significance and value, including purposes, conceptions, ideas and beliefs”. Allinson (1993)…show more content…
Accordingly, the different architectural styles found in architectural of an era and/or different eras are significantly shaped by the variations found in the design values embedded in the design process. In that sense, changes in architecture are created by the change in design values. To avoid, or at least, decrease repeating history, Noori’s study provided a perspective on adapting a promising concept in architecture, borrowed from philosophy: the “transvaluation” of values. Besides, since architecture is mainly connected to human life, the study considered and examined Nietzsche's “transvaluation” project. In order to do so, the study took the state of contemporary architecture as a case study for exploring the “transvaluation” theme. Furthermore, a widen architects' perspectives and observations were examined about re-evaluating their design value…show more content…
These types were distinguished through the definition of two different approaches, that is, “subjective” and “objective”. The former refers to values as something projected onto objects by a subject, thus values are considered as an internal to a person and depend on the personal stance. Whereas, the later which is the “objective” understanding of values considers objects as "an independent of subjective of a person, thus, values exist in an object in itself or can be imposed by some other entities such as, rationality, human nature, or other authority with an independent standpoint". So, according to what was stated, the study came up to the idea that values associated with architecture can be categorized into two main types: 1) values in architectural design (the values that affect design decisions), 2) and values of architecture (after creation) as a physical
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