Architecture: Artisism And Architecture

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Architecture I believe that to a certain caliber, the best career for me is an architect. Due to many specific reasons. When I was around the age six, I had a particular interest in houses and homes, especially those that include residential and commercial. I would try to build little forts out of wood and cardboard in ditches or in forests and as I got older, I tried harder to make more unique designs and structures out of more than just wood. Eventually I tried using bricks and cement. I would make cool and sometimes funky designs that even my parents found interesting. After numerous compliments and awes of fascination, I found what was meant for my particular skills. The world of artisism and architecture. The many elements that come…show more content…
Being an architect requires one’s mind to be open with creativity for home designs and structures on hope the building will be constructed. As for the charisma part, you have to sell your design and influence your clients on what would be best for their interests at heart. It is also important to have math skills, so calculations on certain parts of the home or design are accurate and flow with the home’s structure. I myself have both of these attributes, but lean more on the creativity side of traits. It’s more easy for me to come up with a design on clean slate than to fully envelop someone in all my designs. I could easily gain more experience in persuasion and influencing clients to choose a plan that I believe would be best. Personality and skill traits that I currently possess are professionalism, Nice, Intellect, knowledge on the subject, quick, and respectful are the traits that would benefit me the most in this career, in terms of clients. But just due to having a vast depository of creativity, it allows me to be suited for architecture with no doubt. Experiences that I have had in preparation are being able to talk to an architect John Paul, at my stepfathers firm, Lexar Homes. I am also able to use a drafting program known as Chief Architect, to design homes and publish them to other home building firms. On top of that I am also accredited to help in the Lexar firm until I achieve my graduation from college. A typical day as an architect is quite simple, and can vary greatly. Most architects work on projects at either their office or home, for up to 10 hours or as little as 4. They also can be helping clients or going to job sites, talking to other firms and communicating with other architects. The best part of the day for an architect is when a client agrees upon a design and wants it built. The other part is meeting up with your firm or office and spending the day talking and
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