Theories Of Educational Leadership : Theories, Situational Theory, And Contingency Theory

Theories Of Educational Leadership : Theories, Situational Theory, And Contingency Theory

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Leadership Theories
This paper will address the three theories that are chosen applicable to Educational

Leadership. The theories comprise, path-goal theory, situational theory and

contingency theory. These theories will be compared and contrasted relevant

to Educational Leadership. Additionally, this paper will explain how a particular theory

adds or may add to the understanding of Educational Leadership.

According to Barnard, theories relevant to educational leadership effect the

actions of subordinates and encourage them to follow a specific program of action

(Barnard, 1938). According to Fielder, effective leadership theories are major influences

in the existence and accomplishment of an establishment. These leadership theories

change ability into realism (Fielder, 20110).

Literature Review

This study explores theories relevant to Educational Leadership. Therefore, the

literature review will examine the research related to the following leadership theories:

path-goal theory, situational theory, and contingency theory. The literature search

strategy provides a framework for comparing and contrasting theories applicable to

Educational Leadership.

The electronic sources that were utilized to find pertinent information for this review

came from numerous websites. The information employed in this literature review is

connected to several peer reviewed articles. The purpose of the research is to disclose

some of the theories pertinent to the specialization Educational Leadership.

Path-goal theory states that an administrator’s action is dependent to the gratification,

enthusiasm and implementation of her or his followers (House 2012). Moreover, it claims

that the admi...

... middle of paper ... the follower how the job should be completed. When a follower is experienced, he

or she does not require as much supervision or support in finishing the job. For instance,

it would be best to assign the job to the follower.

Though instinctively fascinating, researchers have not experimented nor given any

attention to the situational leadership theory (Hersey & Blanchard, 2010). However,

findings confirm the theory 's claim that subordinates gain from mandated action, but

more experimental proof of the remaining claims is guaranteed (Hersey & Blanchard,

2012). The theory has been condemned for its limited concentration on a single

conditional irregularity, but it has added to the appreciation of leadership

efficiency by emphasizing the necessity for leaders to acclimate their actions to

diverse circumstances (Hersey & Blanchard, 2012).

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