Effective Leadership Essay

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What constitutes an effective leader? Perhaps the most notable is that through actions and thoughts an effective leader can inspire us. The concepts surrounding leadership remain debatable, since old theories are still considered and new ones continue to emerge. Regardless, leadership can be influenced by several factors relating to three main features based on traits, behavior and situation. Skills are a basic requirement, but traits are essential in leadership. Traits are unique in defining an individual’s character. A combination of strong skills and traits that include emotional intelligence and knowledge of leadership behaviors become critical factors for a leader to lead effectively. It is important for a leader to possess “effective managerial skills at some level” (Kreitner 465). On the other hand, a leader will be equipped to turn a “…vision into actionable items and successful implementation” (465) by possessing traits that are needed to achieve results. Chief Executive Robert Polet at Gucci is an exemplary leader, one who possesses emotional intelligence and admired for h...

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