Social Media Market and Its Effects on Consumers Essay

Social Media Market and Its Effects on Consumers Essay

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In the world today brands are looking to connect with consumers more intimately
then ever before by levarging disruptive technology to influence consumer behavior. One such technology that has been growing in popularity in the last 5-years is social media. Many brands are trying to utilize social media to influence the consumer buying process and stir emotions that affect buying behavior. Unfortunately many brands don’t understand that consumers use social media for certain purposes and because of that, they have not been able to build effective strategies to engage customers. Research shows that brands are underestimating the psychology of what makes consumer behave unique on each specific social media channel (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Etc.). Brands are needing to tell better stories, while respecting each social media channel to affect consumer behavior. Social Media Marketing affects consumer behavior though channel specific content sharing, engaging in 2-way conversation with customers, and native story telling on each channel.
There are an estimated one billion people using social media channels as of 2013, with predictions of continued growth for the foreseeable future (Schniederjans, 2013). The rise in social media usage has dramatically affected consumer behavior and their relationships with brands. Social media has created the ability for an increase amount of user-generated content for both businesses and consumers. An increasing number of businesses and individuals are using social media to find either an audience or follow individuals and brands they care about. Schnieferjans reports that although social media has been criticized for it’s word-of-mouth information and reduction of social capita, that...

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...n hear what consumers are saying about their wants, needs, and desires, instead of always pushing content on consumers. This is vital for brands to understand and capitalize on in their social media strategy.
Social Media has opened up a new and powerful way for brands to understand consumer behavior. With any new innovation, one must learn how to use it properly to maximize the full potential. To effectively leverage social media to change consumer behavior, brands need to listen, natively story tell, and tailor content depending on each unique social media channel. To sum up, brands need to invest wisely with social media and make sure they have talented and strategic people driving their social media presence. Just because you have a Facebook or twitter, doesn’t make you a social marketing expert. Brands need to understand this to have a stellar digital strategy.

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