Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal Or Illegal?

Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal Or Illegal?

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Over the past several decades, Congress has proposed various amendments to the Constitution. However, these proposed changes have not been successful as of yet. One of which declares that life begins at conception. Everyone has their own opinion when life begins in a woman. Opinions vary depending upon your religion and or point of view.
One of the most important impacts of any change is that when life begins at conception then abortion is called into question. The definition of when life begins bears upon whether it is legal or illegal. If we lose our right to control our bodies then we have lost a very basic and fundamental right. We are overlooking basic human rights.
"Human life has to begin with conception, but conception is not the same thing as pregnancy, the latter of which reason, science, and medical evidence agree begins when a fertilized egg successfully implants in the uterus and develops into a healthy embryo" according to RH Reality Check. Many arguments are presented to Congress for and against abortion. Pro- life activist argue and believe that life begins at conception. Pro-choice activist believe and argue that since most abortions take place in the first trimester a fetus cannot exist independently without its mother.
Pro-life activist arguments against abortion include that a civilized society would not allow abortion to take place. Abortion is intentionally harmful to women. Pro-life activist believe that adoption is an alternative to abortion. Millions of families cannot have children and are eager to adopt. Abortions are dangerous and can result in injury to the mother causing complications later in life. Pelvic disease and ectopic pregnancies can occur.
Many Pro-life activist believe abortion is the...

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... we lose everything. The Congress, The Senate, The House, The Government, and last but not least the American people are overlooking basic human rights, not only by being anti-choice, and or pro-life but by overlooking Roe V. Wade.
Roe V. Wade took place in 1973 in the Supreme Court. Which the Supreme Court had made the decision that in the first trimester of the woman 's pregnancy she had the right to an abortion. These congressional amendments are an attempt to contradict or override Roe V. Wade. "This January marked the fortieth anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States. In ways not anticipated by the coalition of physicians and feminist health activists who fought to legalize abortion in the years leading up to Roe, the abortion conflict remains the most divisive issue in American domestic politics." (Dissent Magazine)

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