Importance Of Abortion Essay

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Protecting Abortion Laws
Abortion is an extremely controversial issue and one that is continually on the forefront of debates. Those who oppose the idea (Pro-lifers), thinks it is an act of woman playing “God” who live from who dies. Yet, whether an unborn baby constitutes a normal person is questionable; a pregnant woman, on the other hand, has the undeniable right to choose whether she wants to have a child or not. Therefore, the decision to have an abortion is the personal choice and responsibility of the woman, because prohibiting abortion impedes freedom of choice and endangers the physical and mental health of women.
The majority of women choose to have an abortion because it is a last resort, and not just some form of extreme contraception. Getting contraception in many states is very restricted, in some instance, the only way to get proper contraception, away from condoms, a female require a doctor’s prescription, (Guttmacher Institute). In most cases, pregnancy among American women or women in general is unintended.
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In addition, the Bible doesn’t mention anything that explicitly condemns abortion. Abortion will not stop. Limiting female access to legal procedures or adequate public health service, will only cause death of females. If abortion becomes illegal or is restriction, it may result in back-alley abortions or unsafe procedures will then, not only threatens the mother 's life, but also her unborn child. Unwanted children are severely abused and often are abandoned, which then will cause a strain on society as a hold. Mishell, Jr., MD, say that, before abortion was legalized in the 1970’s, women would frequently try to induce abortions by using coat hangers, knitting needles, or radiator flush. By restricting proper abortion procedures, put women in
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