Abortion should be illegal

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Abortion should be Illegal The words of an unborn baby are ones that almost no one ever thinks of, or hears. One of this country's most controversial topics is abortion. However, if one sees the constitutional infringement to women by the restriction of abortion; the torment to the unwanted child; and the anguish society has to sustain, then this topic would not be so debatable. Too many people do not see the effect that abortions cause. It is a very dangerous offence that affects the mother, father, the community, and most importantly, the fetus, and that is why abortion should be illegal in Canada. First, abortion is against God’s law in many Holy books such as the Bible and the Quran. Secondly, abortion does not only affect the individual, but the community as a whole, and the rights of those people are infringed on. However, abortion does nothing in the cases of rape, or women’s rights, which is the constant argument people in favour of abortion argue. And lastly, abortion should be seen for what it is, murder. What gives us the right to decide who should live and who should die? That is God's decision. The fetus, the innocent human life whose only protection in the world is its mother's womb can no longer feel protected because even its very own mother could have it murdered. Yet that baby did nothing to deserve to have its life snatched away so suddenly. How can a tiny baby who can feel, breathe, and move be condemned to die without ever saying or doing anything wrong? In our constitution, we are all given the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why is it that a baby is not given these rights as well?
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