School Was a Scary Place Essay

School Was a Scary Place Essay

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While the sun was beaming at 8am, we began to enter one by one marching in like miniature soldiers. I noticed that the room was small, no bigger than a bedroom and there were no faces that I was familiar with. I took a seat and started to soak up my surroundings. The room was very dim. The colors were the least of importance here. There were no windows, which contributed to the lifeless room. I should have known it wasn’t going to be a good day. This prison cell was the least of my worries on my first day of school.
School can be much like prison. We were trapped in there for eight hours with one hour of “freedom”, which is called recess and lunch. I can’t even call it freedom because there are teachers watching you every second. I can’t eat what we want because there is a 100-calorie limit on each food item. I can’t play tag because I might get injured. There are fences all around. Basically I am limited to what the people on top tell us to do. I understand that they do this for safety, but children have to have some freedom. All this sounds bad, but imagine being someone who can’t communicate with other people because they don’t know how to speak English.
I always loved the first day of school. It was my chance to see my classmates again and find out what they did over their summer. When I was in second grade my parents decided to move, which meant I had to go to a new school. I was so excited. I didn’t realize that I had something to be worried about.
Elementary teachers are portrayed as caring and loving teachers. I guess there is an exception for everything, Mrs.Kliesh; the lady who made me quiver in my seat whenever she stared at me. I felt discriminated just because of who I was. She thought that she had the right to...

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...individuality is greatly restricted. If a child is different they will immediately put them in some special class or treat them differently. You can praise a child all the time, but they will most likely just remember the negative things that someone has told them.
I believe that it is necessary for the school system to listen to the children. A child should feel free to express him or her self. No child should be considered different because of what language they speak or who they are. Also all students should be treated equally. If a student is not treated the same as her/his peer then they are more likely to feel like they are not accepted in that environment. Teachers should be understanding and not make children feel like they are less than anybody. School is a place to learn about various subjects but it is also a place where you learn the most about life.

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