First Day of School In America

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As I opened the doors to Lynn Gross Discovery School P.S. 17Q. I felt the butterflies in my stomach. It was the first day of school in America for me and had a bad feeling. My mom, my dad, my sister, Monica and I step inside the school. I looked inside the enormous hallway and the walls covered with artwork and pictures. My dad commanded my sister, Monica and I “I have to go to the office and do something. You two sit down on the benches and wait with your mom.” Monica and I agreed and said, “Okay.’’ I felt the clock ticking by and I wished for the world to stop turning. I waited and waited and waited. Finally, I decided to ask my mom something. “Mom, do you know how to say I don’t know how to speak English in English?” I asked her in Russian. She told me how and I tried to remember. I repeated the words over and over again like a singer trying to memorize the lyrics to a song, until my dad finally came out the office. My dad told us “You are now officially students of P.S.157. Now it time to go to your classrooms” in Russian.

The first stop was Monica’s class room. We walked through the never ending hallway, searching for Monica’s classroom like detectives on a mission to find a key to the unknown door. We found the Monica’s classroom and dropped her off. The next stop was mine. I found myself getting more nervous each step, I toke. Suddenly my mom and my dad stopped walking and told me that this was my classroom.

I walked in and my stomach made a flip-flop like riding “The Scream” at Six Flags. Everyone was staring at me! With their curios eyes and anxious to know who I was. I froze like ice and felt the heat rise through my face. My parents talked to my teacher, Ms.Piansky. Then my mom whispered “It’s ti...

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...tly. Then Michelle and Ms.Piansky came up to me. Michelle began in Russian “Can I see what’s inside your book bag?” I thanked God for saving from this situation and finally understood why Ms.Piansky was pointing at my book bag. I opened the book bag and showed what I brought. Everything I had come from Russia, even my notebook. Ms.Piansky told Michelle something and Michelle told me to draw picture on my notebook. I drew a picture of a house, the way my uncle taught me. Then everyone started taking a peek on my drawing and whispered “Wow” at my table.

I had a good year in first grade. I became the best artist in the class. I started getting better at English. My first word was “bathroom.” I made two friends Michelle Sherman and Karen Calle. After that I started feeling better and actually liking this school. Everything felt better and worked out great!
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