What I have Learned about Myself

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I can remember sitting in class, feeling eyes burning through me, dodging inquisitive glances from all sides, and anxiously awaiting the bell to ring for lunchtime. As most people know, lunch is the most dreaded part of the first day at a new school. First day of school memories are still fairly vivid for me; my father was in the JAG corps in the Army and my family moved with biannual regularity. In fact, I even attended three different high schools. While this may seem highly undesirable to some, I learned an incredible amount about myself, the world, and other people through moving that I may never have learned otherwise. What I have learned about myself and the world will without a doubt contribute to my success in life and even law school, but what I have learned about other people is of greatest relevance to studying and practicing law.

Not wanting to sit in the cafeteria alone is a strong motivation for almost any child to try to adapt to his/her new environment as quickly as possible. It has been my experience that observation, i.e. listening and noticing d...

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