Essay On Segregation In School

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Julie Patel Ms. Shaw English III December 15, 2016 School Segregation: It Didn’t End with Brown Once a school system drops their efforts to integrate schools, the schools in low-income neighborhood are left to suffer; not to mention that segregation in schools leads, not only to the neglect of schools, but the neglect of students as well. Resegregation quite literally divides the public schools into two groups “the good schools”, that are well funded, and “the bad schools”, that receive a fraction of the benefits-- more often than not the groups are alternatively labeled as “the white schools” and “the black schools” (and/or hispanic). Opportunities for the neglected students diminish significantly without certain career specific qualifications that quality education can provide-- they can’t rise above the forces that are keeping them in their situation. Segregation in schools is real, it’s happening, and it’s not subtle. Brown VS the Board of Education, the groundbreaking case that ended the …show more content…

Their zoned school was primarily low-income and hispanic, they noticed that the population of white students enrolled elsewhere-- contrary to their zone school assignments. The school had a Spanish dual-language program and had small class sizes, both of which interested the two parents, but there were many options open to them. Ultimately, they too chose to go to a different school-- Manhattan School for Children. “While most of the students in District 3 are black or Hispanic, nearly two-thirds of the students at Manhattan School for Children are white.” (The New York Times) Elana and Adam were conscious of the race disparity in the district, the parents considered their zone school to help combat this to some degree-- their children would still benefit-- but they still chose to enroll their child in the predominantly white

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