Neil Postman's 'Order In The Classroom'

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The article titled “Order in the Classroom” goes in depth into the education system; its flaws, strengths, and what needs mending. Author Neil Postman, an educator of New York University includes his perspective on the education system. One remark by contributor William O’Connor, explains that the education in our schools is not inferior, the schools have been getting inferior students (Postman, 309). The students are not inferior in our education system. If we were to look in depth at some of the issues we hold, maybe that mindset would change. What makes us inferior is the fact that we do not teach our children things they need to know before beginning school, we have a horribly structured school day, we believe that socioeconomic status will change a student’s learning and ability and we believe in punishing students who cause disturbances. These are all very low and hurtful perspectives to hold when discussing education. This article discusses the problems with disorder in the education system and how Postman believes we should fix those issues. He proposes various different solutions; some…show more content…
I can guarantee that punishment is not the answer. Punishment is a suggestion made by reformers (Postman, 311), but it is the absolute worst decision that can be made in our schools. When students get out of school suspension (OSS), they treat it as a vacation day and most of them use it to play video games, and they still get to make up the work they missed. A countless amount of kids in my high school did exactly that. On another side of that, punishment is giving a student attention. Not a great kind of attention, but attention nonetheless. If a student really wants attention, it won’t matter to them what kind. If something is awry in the classroom, it should be ignored. Usually in situations where students are causing a disturbance, it is because they crave the attention. Punishing them is falling right into their
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