Sample Resume : Professional Conduct Essay

Sample Resume : Professional Conduct Essay

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113e Demonstrate professional conduct by: participating in quality assurance activities.

Quality assurance is providing the best care for our clients. We do this by using the standard of practise as our base for evaluating the performance of staff.

116. Respond to changes in the Health care system that affects one’s nursing practice.

A change in the Health care system that has affected nursing practice is the downing sizing of staff. The nurse now has more workload and is expected to be just as efficient as before. Healthcare facilities have to make their profit and in doing so nursing-client ratio is increased. Nurses are now over worked, more stressed and burnt out. We as nurses however still have to be professional knowing that we have provide excellent and ethical care to our clients. We hope that the powers that be will adjust the ratio thus ensuring more quality care to our clients.

117a. Uses computer skills in a professional manner to do the following: document client care

Most facilities have a database where client care information is documented. I would have access to this database, whether with a username or password, or whatever method the facility provides me with to access the database and enter the client information into the appropriate section and form that the client care information should go into.

117b. Uses computer skills in a professional manner to do the following: obtain and forward information within the agency.

Usually, sending and receiving information via email is the standard procedure for healthcare facilities. An email should not contain confidential or sensitive information and should be sure to be sent to only those who are supposed to see it. Certain facilities have standardized emails...

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... and makes it easier to tract immunization, testing and referrals. Members of a healthcare team can have access to clients’ medical information via electronic means more readily. Medical information can be easily transferred from one facility to the next e.g. from a hospital to a rehabilitation facility. Technology enables clients to have ready information about their health care. They can have input into their treatment by suggesting alternative treatments they can have.
Informatics and technology have their disadvantages. The interpersonal relationships will be diminished due to technology. Clients who rely too heavily on the internet for treatment for their ailments may get it from unreliable source or have an overload of information and get overwhelmed. Nurses who have the most contact with clients’ needs to have more input with the informatics at the workplace.

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