National Honor Society Essay

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As a student in her sophomore year, I am still learning about what I can do and what I want to do. Although I am young, my mother always told me that it is never too early to start thinking about the future, which is why it is an honor to be able to apply for the membership of being part of National Honor Society. I have always loved challenges no matter what the result because nothing is equal to the experience of trying. I take the things I have learned from my past experiences and use them as a guide to help me in the future. I haven't ever once stopped to give up if I encountered an obstacle, but rather embraced it and thought of ways to overcome them. I realize that character is a big factor to be part of NHS. In my two years of highschool, I learned what kind of person I wanted to be. I saw many of my friends struggling and I often suggested my service. By offering my help to them, I looked over assignments that they didn't understand or proofread little mistakes that they had trouble with. At some point I knew that I wasn't doing this for my friends. I was doing this for myself. I love helping those around me even if I don't understand the material myself. My friendly nature has others coming to me for even personal advice or problems. I gladly listen to them and try my best to improve their situations. I am also very dedicated. I turn in my assignments on time on a regular basis and ask questions when I don't understand something. My curious mind has me talking a lot, but I don't think of that as a negative thing but more of a positive aspect. I always manage to smile in tough situations and look straight ahead instead of regretting on things I could've done. My self-determination is my best trait in my opinion and others... ... middle of paper ... ...of now, is the same. I am consistent with my test scores and assignment grades even if I struggle in a class. I can honestly say math is not my best subject since I constantly went in the morning or after school to receive help from my teacher but it paid off when I saw my grade. These classes were a challenge but my perseverance and self-determination pulled me through, showing my academic skills when I received A's. I say that I have the strength to maintain my grades despite the struggles I face, which I know the NHS tends to look at. Overall, my character and academic skills have made me a strong candidate to be part of NHS. My willingness to face challenges has me happy to prove myself to NHS, showing myself in different ways. I want to continue my passion of helping others, even giving myself as an example to motivate other students to do just what I'm doing.
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