Leadership Reflection

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Mark Kuklis GB 215 – 004 Due 3/24/14 Leadership Interview and Reflection There are two types of people in this world: those who lead and those who follow. A leader is nothing without its followers though, so which type of person really is more important? Nowadays leadership is determined, not by authority, but instead by influence. So in order to take the first step towards becoming a successful leader you need to first appeal to those around you and gain followers. Once you have followers, set a goal for the group, because how effective a leader you are is measured by your ability to achieve these goals. For the past five years I have been fortunate enough to have a job as a tennis instructor for the Scituate Youth Center. The Scituate Youth Center is a non-profit organization that offers various sports clinics and programs to anyone between the ages of four and seventeen. It has been around for over 40 years, and currently has over 2000 kids participating in its programs. Each program is run by primarily high school and college aged individuals under the guidance of the head athletic director. The members of the executive board for this organization are all unpaid volunteers that are responsible for the facilitation of the programs, and ultimately are the main reason why the organization has had such a large impact on the community. One of the main leadership positions for this organization is the Athletic Director, which is currently occupied by Mike Merritt. As athletic director he is directly responsible for overlooking all of the programs and making sure everything goes according to plan. This entails being in charge of over 100 employees and ensuring that they are doing their jobs well. Mike also is a rather avid tennis... ... middle of paper ... ... and hope for the best in the end.” I consider this response to be the most realistic answer he could have given. Obviously he could have stated that the youth center should raise their prices in order to raise their budget, but he knows that the raised price may deter some of the kids from the program which is the last thing he wants to do. He would rather just stick with the lower quality equipment and employees and make do with them. QUESTION 5: Anything else? I then asked him if the youth center has ever considered asking for donations to go towards their funding, and if so what came as a result? He responded by stating that the youth center has indeed received donations in the past from various individuals, none of which though are large enough to have a lasting impact on the organization. Although “they did help ease some of the problems at the time being.”
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