Athletic Training Personal Statement

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University of Charleston Athletic Training Selection Committee, I would like to enter the University of Charleston’s Athletic Training Program on the basis that I love being around sports and I enjoy working with and taking care of athletes. I first became interested in Athletic Training when I was given a tour of the UNC Athletic Training facility by Kevin Guskiewicz, who is the current dean of UNC College of Arts and Sciences. He was the previous head Athletic Trainer for UNC. After the experience, I quickly enrolled in Athletic Training classes in high school and began to learn the basics for becoming an Athletic Trainer. I loved learning about different injuries and how to treat them because as a student athlete I am very accident prone and figuring out what is wrong with my body is important for my collegiate athletic career. I have also had a dream of working with professional athletes. I have been involved with sports my whole life and have always considered these professional athletes as my role models. By entering University of Charleston’s Athletic Training Program I…show more content…
Both on an off the field, my enthusiasm and motivation to obtain a goal is a trait that I am very proud of. I have faced many tasks where a leader had needed to step up and I am always willing to do so. I am also willing to get help when I need it. If I can’t complete a task by myself I do not mind asking a classmate, teammate, friend or a teacher for guidance. By bringing that openness and leadership to University of Charleston’s Athletic Training Program I believe that I can also attribute to the University of Charleston’s Mission Statement “to educate each student for a life of productive work, enlightened living, and community involvement.” By bettering the Athletic Training community by providing care to our Athletes I believe that I will be a great addition to the Athletic Training
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