Sample Resume : Maine Mathematics And Science Alliance Essay

Sample Resume : Maine Mathematics And Science Alliance Essay

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Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA) has much to gain from raising its profile within its target audiences (teachers, educators and their students) and its’ stakeholders (funders, state decision makers, supporters, parents). MMSA needs a coordinated plan in which every staff member plays some role in communicating our work.

We need to root communications efforts in the work of the organization as a whole, not isolated independent projects. This organization wide strategy will increase the profile of MMSA and benefit all projects/programs.

The goal of this communication plan is to lay out the frameworks and tools that we can use to communicate the role, programs and impact of MMSA. In doing so, we should be able to increase the support, funding and participation of our target audiences in what we do.

Organizational level

Primary Purpose: MMSA exists to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for the purpose of raising student aspirations and achievement so that all students will connect with and become proficient in these content areas.

Communication message: MMSA wants to raise students aspiration for STEM so that they can better participate in our state’s economic and environmental future.

Structure and Roles
The internal structure governs the ways MMSA will communicate its programs into the community.

MMSA Board
The Board should delegate the communication leadership to the Executive Director (ED) however the Board should be informed of and understand the communication efforts and their impacts. Board members can be invited to participate in MMSA communications when either the ED is unable or the ED feels that it will lend weight to the communication message...

... middle of paper ...

...ide advice and direction on social media interactions.
Provide/share relevant and important non-MMSA links for social media.
Recommend themes for social media efforts given the current projects and organization-wide initiatives

Communication Coordinator & Digital Media Specialist
Manage the social media pages including posting links and events provided by Program Managers.
Keep track of the social media statistics and provide feedback to the Communications Team.

Program Managers
Provide CC/DMS relevant and important non-MMSA links for social media.
Provide CC/DMS images and text (along with date of release) about MMSA events and announcements

MMSA Mail Lists

Communication Goals

Provide updates of news and happenings at MMSA (new projects, staff changes, opportunities)
Provide direct marketing of MMSA professional development, project recruitment, products etc.

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