Essay on Sample Resume : Credit Card

Essay on Sample Resume : Credit Card

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customer paying bills, loans or customer with some irregular kind of transactions as,
paying for shopping bills or on line money transfer between accounts. In this scenario
the direction of the link is very important, the direction displays the direction
of money flow. Such analysis can be done based on any certain time as well. If we
want to compare customers transaction network on a weekly basis or monthly basis
or annual basis. Lets say we have a customer Fred Smith, who has regular payments
1. Car Loan (other bank - can be identified when customer transfers money)
2. Home Mortgage
3. Credit Card (other bank - can be identified when customer transfers money)
This can be easily visualised with the help of SNA network visualisation tool and
such customer can be targeted by marketing team for better credit card deal or car
loan deal. Also a model can be developed to display all customers paying to competitor
bank for car loan and characteristics of such customers can be analysed to
target them with new bank products for car loan. These network characteristics (or
measures) can be used in cross selling models.
Figure 7.2: Customer transaction network
Figure 7.3 network display further on-line bank transfers for the customer Fred
By analysing irregular transactions, such as on-line money transfer between customers,
hidden relationships among customers can be identified. In Australia we have
major four banks and more than 50% of Australian populations have accounts with
the four big banks (also known as four pillars of banking industry).
With on-line money transfers we provide the description of transaction, this description
is in a free form text and can be analysed with th...

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...alert for John
Smith, as displayed in figure 7.12 who missed out on credit card payment. From the
customer view it displays customer assets and customer relationship with bank. And
bank history suggest John Smith be an ideal client who always pays on time.
Further drill down on the network for John Smith, would display all his direct
connections. The network display figure 7.13 shows John Smith is connected to his
wife and his wife is connected to their son. Mrs Smith and their son have a joint
account with Westpac. The network John Smith, his wife and their son missed out
on credit card payment and there is marginal saving in the joint account for Mrs
Smith and son. This could illustrate some kind of financial stress family is going
through. Bank can provide some kind of assistance by re-organising loans or some

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