Essay on Redesign The Service On Coursera

Essay on Redesign The Service On Coursera

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Redesign the Service on Coursera - From Accessibility to Individualization
I. Introduction
According to Wikipedia, Coursera solves the access problem by connecting 10 million users with 839 courses from 114 institutions in October 2014 (“Coursera,” n.d.). Coursera achieved the first-step success by offering high-quality higher education resources to everyone for free since 2012. At the same time, accessibility brings Coursera various challenges like high dropout rate, poor assessment and low interaction. Based on analysis of the success and the challenges brought by Coursera- style learning environment especially the accessibility and the theoretical foundation of service design theory, the paper mainly explains why future Coursera should pay more attention to individualization, taking care of learning expectation and need of individual learners.
II. Significance and Research Questions
Carr and Duderstadt point out that MOOCs have benefits in increasing accessibility, enhancing student engagement and enlarging lifelong learning opportunities (as cited in Xin, Debora & Casheena, 2013, Advantages Section, para.1). According to Leber (2013), “as online education platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udacity burst onto the scene over the past year, backers have talked up their potential to democratize higher education in the countries that have had the least access” (as quoted in Xin, Debora & Casheena, Accessibility Section, para.1 ). MOOCs eliminate the requisite and cost of learning and also provide lifelong opportunities that match individual interest and career goal (Xin, Debora & Casheena, 2013).
MOOCs also face various challenges. As Xin, Debora and Casheena have noted (2013), “among the most common challenges are individual i...

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... It is normally required to devote to all lectures and assignments after formal enrollment. In comparison, Coursera learning is more diversified, self-paced and simple for the flexible policy and enriched education that the platform offers. Students freely combine or enroll interdisciplinary courses by easily adding the course to own list without limitation like prerequisite or tuition fee. The video is pre-recorded, learners can control self-study pace based on individual learning situation and schedule by simply click the start and pause button. They can watch and the video again and again to review the lectures if they cannot understand or miss some contents. Moreover, they can decide the devotion to particular part, making the learning experience more efficient and targeted. Once they achieve individual learning goals, they can quit the study without any cost.

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