Argumentative Essay On Online Education

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Society is feeling the impact of the shift in educational options. However, while there are more opportunities for students, there is another door opened for inequality to take place. As technology advances, a social phenomenon is beginning to change the way that Americans are obtaining college degrees. Approximately 3.2 million students were enrolled in at least one completely online class in the fall semester of 2005 (Clark-Ibanez & Scott, 2008). The effects of technological advances within the educational setting are having an impact on the way in which students are learning, leaving some students with limited options.
Some students within society need to have online learning to complete college degrees due to their lifestyles. While it
Furthermore, some may suggest that online learning is benefiting our students in society. There has been a breakthrough in time and geographical limitations of education via online courses (Ho, 2009). Online education is cost-effective, efficient, and easily accessible (Schmeeckle, 2003). Online classes are used for individual and independent learning in which the student can learn at their own pace (Gonzalez, 2009). Not only is online education beneficial for breaking down barriers, online education has the potential to help students learn material more efficiently. Students are more likely to seek help from their instructors when the material is taught online (Whipp & Lorentz, 2009). Computer use in statistical classes could help decrease math anxiety (Gundy, Morton, Liu, & Kline, 2006). In a study that measured online students’ ability to achieve the same efficiency of course material as face-to-face students, at least 98% of students reported that they had, so one may be lead to believe that online learning is just as efficient as face-to-face courses (Liebowitz, 2003). With all of the positive aspects of online education, one may wonder why there is any debate as to whether or not online education is beneficial for

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