The Importance Of Individualization In Higher Education

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iii. The Need to be Individualization
Accessibility, in fact, brings Coursera itself the challenge, not meeting individualized learning need and expectation. Throughout the analysis of knowledge construction, process and mechanism of acquiring knowledge, roles of teacher and students, this part compare Coursera with potential competitors including higher education to explain why future Coursera should focus on individualization.
Higher Education Coursera challenges professional education institution in a low-cost, comprehensive and high-quality way. People do not need to especially go to a professional educational institution, pay for the tuition fee to learn a particular skill and subject based on personal needs after the appearance
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However, teachers on Coursera act more like a TV host who broadcast knowledge rather than scaffold learning step by step. The video is pre-recorded and put on the platform at the beginning of the course. Students are audience who watch the videos like an outsider rather than a participant in the course since there is no interaction between teachers and students and students themselves. Students have no one to turn to when happening a problem. Teachers do not know students’ learning situation, what they learn and what they miss. Different students with different academic background and different learning expectation are treated in the same way. Moreover, the assessment is based on machine grading and peer assessment. It seems a good method to determine the ZDP development since it needs independent problem solving and provides the opportunity to collaborate with peers. However, it results in the problem of poor quality of the assessment, which cannot accurately assess student’s progress and outcome. I personally happen an issue that I can get full marks with randomly typing two letters while the actual requirement for each answer is one-paragraph length with high quality. Hew and Cheung also explained (2014) that essay-grading software couldn’t truly assess the quality of the writing; peer assessment in MOOCs is invalid since the grading is based on the assumption that students have the ability to grade, “like the blind leading the blind”
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