Case Study: Situation Assessment

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Situation Assessment Procedure Step 1: Identify the ethical issues and problems. Answer these questions: • What are the different perspectives? - Mrs. Dawson wants the healthcare team to do everything they possibly can to save her husband and live at home with him. The health care providers are divided; some of the members believe that he will recover and some believe additional treatment is prolonging the inevitable and perhaps causing Mr. Dawson more suffering. • What is the main issue? - The main issue is whether the health care providers should start antibiotics for Mr. Dawson’s pneumonia. The team is divided on starting the treatment or don’t start because the treatment would just prolong Mr. Dawson’s suffering. • What are the hidden, unstated issues? - …show more content…

- If all of the options were explored, and patient is given antibiotics and is treated without any pain or suffering than the treatment identifies with the ethnical principles of autonomy, non-maleficence, and veracity. In turn, Mrs. Dawson will be happy with the outcome of the procedure. • How does your personal value system apply to this situation? - The health care team should do everything they possibly can to care for the patient before they give up treatment. The health care team should provide top care to every patient and the treat the patient as they were treating their mom, dad or grandparent. • How are the nursing profession 's values applied? - Nurse should place the patients well being above their personal beliefs and values. They should focus on treating the patient and making sure the patient’s needs are being met. This also means that tough decisions have to be made in the process whether it goes against what the health care team wants or it goes against what Mrs. Dawson wants. Step 4: Justify the selection. Answer these questions: • Specify reasons for the

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