The Future Of Online Learning In The 21st Century

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Every semester, millions of students in the US take at least one online class. In 2006, these numbers were estimated about 3.5 million. (The future 2) Back in the 1980s the online learning was limited only to watching previously recorded videos tapes has been used for some time and among other thing as well(2) but online learning has increased with technologies boost and stimulate. Some schools entirely offer their classes online only and the other have both online learning and traditional as well. On the other hand, the technology advancing has gave online learning more innovation in the way it is seen now. For instance, Khan Academic, founded by Salman Khan has been providing online Math tutors for most of all math levels. Student can easily…show more content…
Beside that“… [that] some U.S. states are now requiring young people to take a least one online course during their schooling” (Loertscher, Koechlin 50). The term of the online learning, it is demonstrated through some software have been provided by private cooperation to schools. These software such as Blackboard, Webex. Litmos, and others. Therefore, the online learning has become more available and reliable because of the technology development in the 21st century inspire of technology. When it comes to the online learning been provided by the schools and other educational institutes some argued that, it will reduce the education cost, saves time, and provide more quality of the learning, but other said it will not make any differences and lower the quality of…show more content…
Their research focused on “is there significant difference between bloggers’ attitudes and field dependency” (163). They have selected 36 “students 85% of them have access to the home internet” (163). Student were enrolled in obligated course and “ran twice a week” (163)at the end, they have found out that, the student desire for blog online course was much higher and their attitude toward another course was more
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