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Introduction Online learning, also known as distance learning or online learning, has become a new and successful means of receiving an education in a highly technologically enhanced environment (Regan, Evmenova, Baker, Jerome, Spencer, Lawson, & Werner, 2012). Kaymak and Horzum (2013) defined online learning as using Internet technology to gain knowledge and skills through the use of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools. Allen and Seaman (2013) stated that about 6.7 million students attending colleges and universities across the United States were successfully enrolled in at least one online course in 2011. There is an increased interest in online learning that continues to grow as a result of the amplified demands from the work place and the escalating availability of nontraditional educational options and providers (Allen & Seaman, 2008). The implementation of online learning in many universities has proven to be a successful method of course delivery (Regan, Evmenova, Baker, Jerome, Spencer, Lawson, & Werner, 2012). Dickson-Dean, Galyen, and Moore (2011) proposed that online learning can promote successful learning opportunities for students as well as rewarding benefits for all educational stakeholders. Factors that contribute to the success of online learning include, but are not limited to, flexibility and accessibility, cost reduction, increased retention, and varied learning opportunities (Neely & Tucker, 2010). Online learning and associated technology is becoming increasingly adaptable and can be used to meet the educational needs of all students while providing opportunities for differentiated instruction (Krishnakumar & Kumar, 2011). Online learning provides both students and instructors with opportun... ... middle of paper ... ...necessity to develop their classes to attain learning desired by adults (McAnally-Salas et al., 2010). Diffusion of innovations provides a perspective on what drives adoption of new innovations (Tabata & Johnsrud, 2008). Technology is a driving force in the process of diffusion due to its growth and the innovations that drive its increase of popularity and need (Soffer et al., 2010). The Internet reflects online learning in a convenient, attractive manner which leads to more adults pursuing online learning despite the diffusion process among online faculty members (Soffer et al., 2010). Influences, recommendations, and identification of barriers can help increase the rate of diffusion for online faculty within educational online opportunities. Instructors are to guide, motivate, and engage the learner to ensure that the integration of technology is successful.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the university of the virgin islands has been competitive in the caribbean since 1964. the university has started offering an online program to combat enrollment decreases caused by competition.
  • Explains the need for studies that examine the perceptions faculty have of online students at uvi, as one element in the development of a successful online learning program.
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